Small country. Big adventure.
From reefs to jungles to beaches to the mysteries of ancient Maya, you can truly experience it all here. Just make sure you schedule some time to relax.

Belize, the only English-speaking country in Central America, offers a unique combination of richly rewarding experiences that make it unlike any destination on the planet. Swim with exotic sea life along the Western Hemisphere's largest barrier reef. Explore the fascinating mysteries of the largest concentration of Maya sites in the region.

Hike thousands of acres of unspoiled forest, including one of the only jaguar preserves in the world. Escape to any of the more than 400 tropical islands and three (3) of the Western Hemisphere's four (4) coral atolls, surrounded by pristine turquoise waters. Discover the highest waterfall and the most extensive cave system in Central America, and dive the captivating Blue Hole.

The harmonious blend of Maya, Mestizo, Creole, Garifuna, East Indian, Mennonite, Arab and Chinese creates distintive cultural traditions, including cuisine just waiting for you to discover. 

map view
Locations can be found on a map. But only felt with the soul.
From the deep Blue Hole to the wonders of the ancient Maya temples, each region of Belize offers a uniquely different experience. Explore the interactive map to discover highlights and hidden gems from each of our seven regions.
Get ready to discover how to be, right here in Belize.
Uncover Maya mystery in the North.
Lamanai, in Northern Belize, is home to one of our largest Maya sites. Take a boat ride to the ruins for an up close look at wildlife.
Adventure is everywhere, out West.
From Maya Temples, to zip-lining, to cave tubing, there's a lot going on in the Western District.
See the sights of past and present.
Check out the British Architecture and see the thriving city of today on the Central Coast.
If it's done in the ocean, you can do it here.
Do some kayaking, snorkeling, diving, saltwater fly-fishing, whale shark watching or just about any other "ing" that takes place in or around the ocean.
A melting pot of culture and adventure.
Southern Belize is home to many cultures like the Garifuna and Maya. It's also a great for fly-fishing, river trips and Maya Temples. Whatever you're into, do it here.
Great diving. Great beaches. The islands are yours.
Spend the day lounging on the beach, or discovering underwater life in one of the best snorkel and dive spots in the world.
You may never want to get out of the water.
36 species of coral. Countless species of fish. It's all underwater in the Reef District.
Explore our protected nature preserves
Belize is home to several Nature Preserves that protect our most valuable resources and provide a place for all to enjoy our nature and wildlife for years to come. Check out all the things to see in our protected areas here.
of the maya
Discover a past culture that still thrives today.
Take in the amazing views and intrigue of our many Maya temples and ruins. It's a must-do when visiting Belize. Check out a list of sites left by this great mysterious culture.
barrier reef
Underwater adventures are everywhere, down here.
The Belize Barrier Reef is the largest reef system in the western hemisphere and covers 185 miles of Belize. Here, you'll find over five hundred species of fish, seventy hard coral and thirty six soft coral species. It's a diver's paradise.
Explore all that belize has to offer.