September in Belize

Belize is a lively little country with a bountiful measure of activities yearly! September in Belize, however, is a national month featuring the country’s historical milestones, culminating in a pulsating lineup of festivities for you to enjoy, come and enjoy! 

September highlights: Independence Day, Battle of St. George’s Caye, Carnival “Road March”, Jouvert, “Pan Yaad” Steel Pan Concert and Fire Engine Parade.

Be one with the cultures, with the people, with our achievements as a quaint little nation. Belize’s uniqueness is derived from having the largest concentration of the ancient Maya population; to its transition into a British Colony, and now a united independent nation celebrating its 35th year of independence!

Believe all the hype and then add a few more Belikins to it :)! Yes there will also be a Belikin (the local beer of Belize) Bash!

Download the FULL list of activities happening throughout September here.

The Overview:

“Pan Yaad” Steel Pan Concert – Steel pan music has added a wealth of vibrancy into our already colorful and dense culture. Carnival “Road March” is a fixture in Belize City and Orange Walk District; it is a vibrant showcase of costumes and dancers throughout the streets. If you’re into an early morning celebration, join the jouvert crowd as they paint themselves with chocolate and colors while dancing and parading through the streets!

Independence Day is another lively day of patriotism as the Uniform Parade will have the participation of thousands of Belizeans! This sea of red white and blue will parade through the streets to the country’s traditional national songs!

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