turneffe atoll
Take a swim or book a fishing tour, either choice will be exceptional!
Close to Belize City, Lighthouse and Glover’s Reef, Turneffe Atoll is a great base for exploring all of the atolls. Plus, with its steep drop-offs, Turneffe is one of the best spots for diving in the area and, because of its wall, Turneffe Atoll is perfect for all diving skill levels. The Elbow is a big attraction for more advanced divers, and it’s fairly common to see eagle rays. On the leeward side, the reef slopes a bit more, perfect for snorkeling and a beginner dive spot. Here, there are lots of tube sponges, soft corals and several species of fish.

Want to see a ship wreck? On the western side of the atoll rests the Sayonara, a small passenger and cargo boat that sank here in 1985. Great for exploring.

Turneffe (like all the atolls) also offers world-class fishing. Here, you can fly fish for bonefish and permit or the migratory tarpon, not to mention jack, barracuda, snappers, billfish, sailfish and just about any other fish that swims in the sea.


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