10 Valentine’s Date Ideas in Belize (that are not Dinner)

February is the month of love and also the perfect time to visit Belize. Take advantage of uninterrupted days of sunshine to explore the many attractions and experiences. As a romantic destination, couples don’t have to look far for ways to spend Valentine’s Day. The day of love is widely celebrated in Belize and the towns become filled with flowers, chocolates and gifts on Valentine’s weekend.

If you’re looking to spice things up and spend the day a little more extraordinarily, here are few ways to make this Valentine’s Day truly un-belizeable keeping with your couple’s vibe:

For the foodies and drinkies

  • Make Chocolate from Scratch. Did you know chocolate was first created by the ancient Maya? Tour a cacao farm and learn about the history of chocolate followed by a hands-on session making it from scratch. Valentine’s Day truly isn’t complete without with this sweet treat.
  • Take a Rum Tour. Have a cocktail in Belize and you’ll likely find rum being the signature ingredient. Dive into the history of this Caribbean spirit on a rum tour. The best part is the tasting at the end.

For the nature/outdoor Lovers

  • Bioluminescence Tour. Take a night time safari and enjoy this almost magical experience under the starry skies. Access this tour from Hopkins for wildlife spotting until you arrive at Anderson lagoon where bioluminescent algae light up the waters. How about that for a night time date? The chance to see this natural phenomenon is seasonal (January – May), so don’t miss it!
  • Get up close with a Jaguar. The Belize Zoo gets raves reviews for its natural habitat environment and the stories of its furry, feathery and scaley residents. The highlight of any visit is the jaguar experience. Share this intimate moment of getting within inches of a jaguar from the safety of a caged barrier.
  • Explore a Maya Site. There are more than a dozen archaeological reserves in Belize including temples, palaces, and ceremonial caves. Take in the breath-taking views with your other half on of top Caana at Caracol or grab a tube and float along the Caves Branch River exploring Nohoch Che’en Cave.

For the Luxurious

  • A private island getaway. Imagine having a slice of paradise all to yourself fully equipped to cater to your every need. Heaven does exist! Spend the day leisurely by paddle boarding or kayaking. All you need for this island getaway are swimsuits and sunscreen.
  • Get pampered on a Spa Date: Valentine’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to unwind and relax with your significant other. Choose from a variety of body scrubs, facials and massages ( all includes local organic ingredients ). Take in the sounds of nature as you let any worries melt away.

For the Adrenaline Junkies

  • Dive the World-famous Blue Hole. The Great Blue hole is on every Belize bucket-list with good reason— it’s a stunner! While many opt for a boat tour or fly-over, descend on a dive to 120ft and see stalactites and marine life unseen above water.
  • Zipline or Rappel. Strengthen your love bond by sharing an exhilarating heart-pumping adventure. Take in palm-studded canopy as you make your way across the open forest. If you’re thrill meter isn’t satisfied, try rappelling into a 300ft sink hole or a 1000ft waterfall. Collect your bragging rights at the end.
  • Swim with Sharks and Stingrays. Yes, you read right. A visit to Shark Ray Alley is quickly becoming a fixture in the list of must-see and things to do when in Belize. Don’t worry the nurse sharks are largely harmless and sting rays glide past you.

Make it a date with your valentine and get ready for a memorable experience you’ll both cherish in the years to come.