4 Belizean Souvenirs your friends will love

            One of the best things about traveling to a new, exotic destination is being able to share it with the people you care about. However, not everyone might have that privilege so the next best thing is something we’ve all received at one point in time: souvenirs!

            These lovely trinkets are a little slice of Belize accompanying you wherever you go, and what better way to tell a friend you’ve been thinking about them than giving them a mini bottle of Marie Sharp’s? Here are five Belizean souvenirs your friends will thank you for.

  1. Wood Carvings. No plain ol’ keychains here. Belize’s artisans are far from plain, and it is obvious in the intricate wood art they carve. Whether you’re strolling the sidewalk in Placencia or exploring the beaches of San Pedro, you’ll come across these talented locals who know how to make a wooden lobster look hyperrealistic. Trust us: your friends will place it on their centerpiece for years to come.
  2. Belizean Scene Painting. Your favorite memory of Belize can be captured and hung in your guest bedroom back home. Many Belizean artists enjoy painting extraordinary scenes of ordinary Belizean life. Experienced the vibrant market? There’s a painting for that. Climbed to the top of Xunantunich? There’s a painting of El Castillo to remind you. Whatever your favorite moment of Belize lives within you, there’s bound to be an artist nearby who has captured it. Hint: Make sure to attend the Placencia Sidewalk Art Festival in February where all the artists come together to display their talent (and offer their pieces for sale!)
  3. Hot sauce. Did you even go to Belize if you didn’t come back with an entire luggage full of Hot Mama’s or Marie Sharp’s? From mini bottles you can carry around in your bag for emergencies to making sure your pantry is always stocked, Belizean hot sauces are unlike any other you’ve tasted. Their flavor is immaculate and truly add the spice you’ve been looking for in life. Don’t believe us? Ask anybody who has been to Belize and their sure to tell you the moment they fell for the hot sauce.
  4. Unique Jewelry. There are quite a few artisans in Belize who manage to create beautiful jewelry pieces from seaglass, scavenged shells and even lionfish! The Lionfish jewelry is one of the most popular, not only because of the beauty of their striped fins (often used as earrings), but also in supporting the reefs of Belize since lionfish are an invasive species.

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4 Belizean Souvenirs your friends will love belize wood carving
4 Belizean Souvenirs your friends will love