4 Places in Belize for Beach Bummers  1

4 Places in Belize for Beach Bummers

While we do have ancient Mayan cities and lush rainforests, there is a reason people picture pristine beaches whenever they think of Belize. Often compared to the Spring Break giants of Cancun and Tulum, Belize’s beaches are nowhere near as crowded but just as worthy of the bucket lists. Whether you prefer to relax and obtain that perfect tan or swim amongst the friendly sting rays, here are the best places in Belize for beach bummers.

  1. Hopkins. The secret of Hopkins is out: more people flock to this sleepy village in search of relaxation and beach activities without the hustle and bustle of a touristic coastal town. Located in the Southeast Coast, this Garifuna village is the perfect hub for various activities you can do near the area. The resorts alongside the beach may not be daunting all-inclusives, but instead provide an intimate and uninterrupted setting to enjoy the beautiful docks that stretch out from the shore, all without sacrificing luxury.
  2. San Pedro. Of course, no avid beach bummer is a stranger to well-renowned Ambergris Caye. With San Pedro as the island’s only town, the beach here is so phenomenal that most visitors come to Belize simply for San Pedro. Indeed, as the most visited destination in our country, the caye possesses some of the best beaches in the world. The pure, white sand and looming palm trees have been featured in dozens of travel publications around the world.
  3. Caye Caulker. As San Pedro’s more ‘chilled’ neighbor, Caye Caulker is also a top contender for famous beaches around the world. This tiny, 5-mile long caye is what island-getaway dreams are made of. There may be no over-the-water Maldivian cabanas, but the to-die-for sunsets and friendly locals make up for that. If you prefer to just ‘go with the flow’ and traipse barefooted around a vehicle-free island, this is your pick.
  4. Placencia. A peninsula at the end of a glorious mountainous drive, Placencia is a favorite among locals and expats alike. About a minute’s walk from the beach is the alleged smallest street in the world, where every February the Placencia Sidewalk Art Festival takes place. The sidewalk is lined with artisans selling their handmade crafts. Hammocks and palm trees speckle the beach, ideal for some much-deserved downtime. 

Bonus: Corozal Bay

While not often considered an actual ‘beach’ due to the lack of sand, the Corozal Bay in Northern Belize is the place for locals to wind down after a long week. Many Belizeans drive up to have a picnic by the seaside, which hosts a smattering of gazebos and cabanas. Entering the town of Corozal, you will be greeted by the emerald green waves sprinkling over the seawall. The water here is pleasantly warm and you’ll be able to admire the many fishing boats docked near the shores. Often, vendors in carts or bicycles come by to sell ice cream or special Belizean snacks such as conch fritters.

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