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4 Things Travel Sites Won’t Tell You About Belize

So you’ve finally gotten that PTO and researched your summer destination until you knew it like the back of your hand. Scouring travel forums for days and researching so thoroughly, you have no doubt your fail-safe itinerary will be absolutely perfect.

We recommend you think that through.

Though your trip to Belize will indeed be perfect, only a portion of it will be due to your countless (admirable) weeks preparing. In fact, your Belize vacay will probably be memorable thanks to a few secret spots/things to do that only locals know about! We have curated 4 things that may change your Belize trip to be its ultimate best, and most of these are unknown to the vast tourists contributing on travel forums post-trip.

4 Things Only Locals Know:

  1. Do not judge the food by its food-stand. Trip Advisor-certified restaurants and luxe breakfast joints may lure the wide-eyed traveler, and while these restaurants indeed earned their badge, the food-stands lining the street with faint smoke wafting around them takes the cake. Much like New York, the food stands are where it’s at. From the savory Orange Walk taco carts to the small shabby sheds selling rice & beans in the city, they won’t need any badge to earn your (satisfied) palate.
  2. Small, peaceful lakes > crowded Caye beaches. With Belize having tropical weather all-year round, there’s no doubt travelers will be at the idyllic beaches any time of the year. If you’d prefer something more low-key, many locals in Northern Belize head to the Honeycamp Lagoon, Progresso Lagoon or the fishing town of Sarteneja. At any of these, it’s a guarantee you’ll have an entire lake to yourself and your family, and it’s only a short drive from the main towns. 
  3. The road less travelled. Belize’s size is perfect for day trips involving multiple districts. Though most itineraries state the best way to get from north to south is taking a domestic airplane, nothing beats the view of the Hummingbird Highway. It may take you a few more hours driving than flying, but the mountainous landscape is worth it. From the ‘Sleeping Giant’ mountain vista to the citrus farms, you’ll be glad you didn’t take the ‘more convenient’ route.
  4. Don’t skimp on certain experiences. Sometimes you want to penny-pinch and do the most for less, but certain experiences are worth the splurge. For instance, the Great Blue Hole has been mentioned innumerous times, and listed dozens of times in ‘Must Dive Spots’ from notable publications. However, we recommend investing in an aerial tour of the World Heritage Site. Visiting it by boat ride and diving the cavernous hole is an experience in itself, but nothing beats seeing the marvel from above. You get to appreciate its beauty wholly while getting to see the different shades of the Barrier Reef.

For more information on things to do in Belize, feel free to email us at info@travelbelize.org or call us toll-free at 1-800-624-0686.

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4 Things Travel Sites Won't Tell You About Belize | 3
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