4 Travel Rules You Need to Break  1

4 Travel Rules You Need to Break

The old adage goes rules were meant to be broken, and in the case of traveling to Belize, all general travel rules go out the window. While rules do make things easier and can lead to smoother travel, when it comes to vacationing you deserve to let loose a little. Here are some general travel ‘rules’ we recommend breaking when you visit our curious Jewel.

  1. Only go where you know. If you ever only ventured to the islands, or to the West, you would never know the beauty Southern Belize holds, or the culinary wonders the North has in store. While friends and Trip Advisor reviews are great start off points, there comes a time when you can widen the footprint of the traveler by discovering those hidden gems we are known for. You might turn another previously unknown waterfall or trail into a must-do highlight for others.
  2. Don’t only go where you know. Now, this one here is a prime example why you should not listen to travel rules – even the ones on this list! While we do encourage to see all Belize has to offer, if you truly enjoy beach-bumming at the Cayes or ziplining through the forest and that is where you are truly happy, by all means spend all your vacay doing what your heart desires. There’s a difference between being comfortable by not wanting to discover new experiences and genuinely enjoying the time you have in our country, a feeling that we hope all our visitors enjoy!
  3. Do as much as you can. Visitors generally spend around a week to 10 days in our country, and with so much to do and see many might feel pressured to jampack their itinerary to the brim. However, don’t half experience tours and sights just to be able to get it off your list. Truly enjoy the places you visit and the tours you experience, as indeed there are no others like it anywhere else. It is better to fully immerse yourself in a chocolate making tour or wading down a tube through a cave while enjoying the scenery than rushing from one tour to the next and barely taking the full experience in.
  4. Stick to food you know. Though it is understandable to play it safe when it comes to dining in a foreign country, it’s worth the risk when we’re talking about fry jacks, sere, rice & beans, and oh almost everything you come across in Belize! There is a special bond between Belizeans and their food, and you’re truly missing out if you decide to stick to only what you know. If you’re still hesitant about what your palate (and stomach) would like, book a food tour at San Pedro where you can sample almost all of Belize’s local dishes.

Of course, take these rules with a grain of salt as every traveler can enjoy their vacation the way they see fit! When it comes to Belize, each itinerary is unique and sure to give you a good time regardless. Just make sure the curious traveler in you is awakened before you leave our lovely jewel.

If you’d like more information on things to do in Belize, feel free to contact us at info@travelbelize.org or call us toll-free at 1-800-624-0686.

4 Travel Rules You Need to Break  2
4 Travel Rules You Need to Break  3