5 Must-Dos in Orange Walk

Travel through Orange Walk “Sugar-City” District? There is plenty to do in this small region of Belize. Wake up your inner gourmet with all the juicy flavors in the city. Trek through the lush jungles on the banks of the New River Lagoon. Take the boat trip to the ancient Mayan site of Lamanai and climb it! It is a playground for explorers and within a few minutes you can enjoy traditional Mestizo and Mayan dishes in the city or boating in the wildlife world!

5 MUST-Dos:

(1) Gourmet food: Tacos, Pibil, & Ceviche / Salpicon

(2) Visit the Mayan archaeological site “Lamanai”

(3) New river lagoon

(4) Honeycamp lagoon

(5) La Milpa Archeological Reserve

Tacos: It is much better in the north … You can find tacos in every menu or at a street vendor near you. However, the preparations for tacos are particularly tasty in the north … From spicy tomato sauces to onion and cabbage mixtures as a side dish, warm (soft) corn tortilla or millet or a selection of chicken or pork sorts, much taste in these small juicy meatballs! PIBIL: It’s a traditional Mayan meal … Slowly cooked in an underground fire oven (provisional oven), a whole pig, which is spiced to perfection, is baked in extreme heat. The result is a moist-spicy meat, served with tortillas, onion sauce, guacamole and other sides. There is only one region where you can enjoy Pibil, and that is to the north! CEVICHE & SALPICON: A touch of heaven … Ceviche is a combination of different freshly diced vegetables like onions, coriander and tomatoes combined with spices and your choice in meat with a lime finish. Although Ceviche and Salpicon are similar in preparations, Salpicon is defined as diced pork roast added to less vegetables and more juices than a typical ceviche. After all the food you need the perfect adventure to be active! LAMANAI & NEW RIVER LAGOON: In the footsteps of the ancient Maya … The way to get there is easy! Lamanai (located on the west coast of the New River Lagoon) is accessible by car and boat. A 26-mile boat adventure tour along the New River Lagoon to Lamanai is an incomparable exposure to the wildlife and an oasis for birdwatchers! Built and occupied by the ancient Mayan civilization before the early 1500 BC, Is “Lamanai” (meaning “submerged crocodile”) an attraction in Orange Walk! Honey Camp Lagoon: Escape a beach adventure like no other … Honey Camp Lagoon is only a 20 – 30 minute drive from Orange Walk Town and an excellent way to spend your day at the Orange Walk District! There is history in Honey Camp Lagoon. Did you know already? The ancient Maya used the waterfront for ceremonial purposes during 1000 A.D. up to 1500 A.D. Archaeological Reserve La Milpa: Discover the ancient Mayan. Discover again … Everywhere in Belize, there is historical evidence for our ancient Mayan civilization and in La Milpa one can clearly see why Belize bears the title of Maya Heartland. 

Explore the 24 plazas that form the La Milpa Archaeological Reserve. Your discoveries will be within the lush forest that makes it the perfect daytime activity!

There is much to discover in Orange Walk! Join the diverse (16,000-inhabitant) community of “O.W.” familiar. Finally, the mestizo culture has mainly affected the food in this district. If you would like more information about this destination and other events in Belize, or if you need tips on how to plan your dream holiday, send an email to: info@travelbelize.org or call us at 1-800-624-0686.