8 Cheap or Free Things to do in Belize

Despite its modest size, Belize is teeming with things to do and for every type of traveler. Whether your itinerary is in dire need of relaxation spots, or selfies with a jaguar is in your bucket list, Belize has got you covered. While many of these activities are well worth the price tag, for those penny-pinching we have the perfect list for you. Now you don’t have to sacrifice your experiences to stay within budget. Here are 8 things you can do in Belize for cheap, or even free.

8 Cheap or Free Things to Do:

  1. Lamanai. Cost: $5 USD

The Maya Site sits in rural Northern Belize, and the summit views at sunset are unparalleled. Costing just one Lincoln to enter the site, you are able to spend your money elsewhere by taking a boat ride to the site instead of driving there. Not to mention experiencing feeding the howler monkeys on the way there.

  1. Belize City Tour. Cost: Free

Most tours in the city involve a guide taking you either on a bike tour or a tram tour, but you can visit the same landmarks on your own, if you wish. Rent a bike or a car and hit all the popular sites in Belize City. Prominent spots on the self guided tour include the Baron Bliss Lighthouse and the St. John’s Cathedral, among others.

  1. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. Cost: $5 USD

Hiking to the Tiger Fern Double Waterfall might be one of the most grueling hikes in the protected area, but its worth every drop of sweat. The entrance fee is also a mere $5 USD per person; once you reach the highest scenic point of over 1,900 feet in elevation, the hike won’t be the only reason you’re out of breath.

  1. The Split. Cost: Free

Caye Caulker is perhaps one of the loveliest islands with the “go slow” motto influencing everyone who visits it. On such a tiny island, most of the “action” take place at the Split. Its name comes from the narrow waterway that divides the island in two; visitors sprawl their towels on the sand and enjoy people-watching those indulging in beverages at the bars.

  1. Lobster Fest. Cost: Free

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Belize in the summer, we strongly suggest coming in June. Lobster season thrives in June, and the country reflects such by throwing its biggest festivals: Lobster Fests. The cost to attend these festivals are free, so you can spend on all that lobster cuisine!

  1. Sidewalk Art Festival. Cost: Free

It’s no secret Belize has a wonderfully artistic hub in the southeast coast, and Placencia shows off that local talent in the Sidewalk Art Festival every year. There is no entrance fee and you get to enjoy live music, authentic Belizean cuisine while admiring local artisans’ works.

  1. Crooked Tree Bird Watching. Cost: Free

This wildlife sanctuary is the basis of Crooked Tree Village. Just the commute from the Philip Goldson Highway to the road leading to the village is a treat in itself. Set up in a moat-like way (lagoons surround both sides of the road), the wetland sanctuary boasts a plethora of bird species. Driving along the lagoons you are sure to make a quick stop and pull out your long lens to snap a pic of a crane or two.

  1. The Belize Zoo. Cost: $15 USD.

This might be on the higher end of price range on the list but best believe you get a bang for your buck. Take a selfie with Junior Buddy, the rescue jaguar. Or maybe you want to feed Belize’s national animal, the tapir. You can also befriend a variety of birds, from the national bird keel-billed toucan to the multi-colored Scarlet Macaw.  

These are just some of the low cost activities you can enjoy in Belize. If you’d like to know more, feel free to email us at or call us toll-free at 1-800-624-0686

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