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Northern Belize 1

Northern Belize in 72 Hours

As more eager travelers arrive to see the Great Blue Hole (among other things) for themselves, they’re often immediately whisked away to the sunny North Islands or to adventurous Western Belize. North...

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South Water Caye 1

A Day at South Water Caye

After a 40-minute boat ride from Hopkins, a cluster of bright green palm trees starts to materialize over the horizon, followed by small wooden cabanas and a dock that welcomes us lucky ones. “It’s...

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(Re)-Discovering the Deep Blue

Just when you think the Great Blue Hole could not instill any more fascination, ocean explorers are determined to find what lies at the very bottom this fall. You know it from the travel brochures,...

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Why it's OK to Visit the Same Place Twice | 1

Why it's OK to Visit the Same Place Twice

For the fellow globe-trotter, gleefully crossing off countries from that coveted list is what keeps their wanderlust footprints going. However, there is a certain comfort and extra thrill by visiting...

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Forest Bathing in Belize | 1

What's Forest Bathing? | Embracing the Belize Rainforest

Early this year articles popped up everywhere about an intriguing Japanese concept known as forest bathing. But what exactly is it? Shinrin-yoku, shinrin meaning “forest” and yoku meaning “bath,” is...

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Belize September Celebrations | 1

Belize Turns 37 – September Celebrations

Oh, Belize – the country that has made the word fête a verb. Known to be a vivacious people, we take our country’s birthday quite seriously. Independence Day is technically September 21, but the...

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Is Traveling in the Low Season Actually Worth it?

In the early 2010s, you used to hear all about low season and its benefits, but now all the buzz is around “shoulder season.” Sure, traveling at the end of low season and beginning of high season can...

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Know Before You Go | 8 Kriol Phrases

Whether landing at the international airport or docking at the cruise port in Belize City, you’ll be greeted with a motley of languages the further you venture into the country. One of these languages...

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6 Cayes that aren’t Caye Caulker or Ambergris Caye

Locals and travelers alike swoon when they cross the bridge onto San Pedro sand or are greeted by the “Go Slow” diamond tile on Caye Caulker’s dock. While they have reason to walk a little lighter and...

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9 Mystical Caves to Explore in Belize |1

9 Mystical Caves to Explore in Belize

Thighs burning from the hike, your headlamp bounces off the moist rocky walls before illuminating a centuries-old Maya skeleton, undisturbed on the cave floor. Your sense of awe expands as you...

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Best Diving Spots in Belize | 1

Best Diving Spots in Belize

Through umpteen publications, time and time again Belize has been named a must-do for diving enthusiasts. Those who get their fix from trailing giant manta rays or observing graceful whale sharks will...

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Why Belize is the Ultimate Ecotourism Destination | 1

Why Belize is the Ultimate Ecotourism Destination

Central & South America on a whole are known for the arresting greenery blanketing most of the continent. Belize, having the privilege of being both in Central America and the Caribbean, gets to...

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8 Cheap or Free Things to do in Belize

Despite its modest size, Belize is teeming with things to do and for every type of traveler. Whether your itinerary is in dire need of relaxation spots, or selfies with a jaguar is in your bucket list...

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Belize International Yoga Festival  | 1

Belize International Yoga Festival 2018

From looming Maya sites and rolling mountains, to silk-sand islets and rainforest canopies, any surface in Belize can serve as your yoga mat. To celebrate the versatility of practicing yoga in the...

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Romantic things to do | Honeymooning in Belize  1

Romantic things to do | Honeymooning in Belize

After tying the knot in Belize, it only makes sense to continue reveling in the tropical paradise for your honeymoon. As you plan your romantic trip to Belize, here are a few things to add to your...

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Belize Barrier Reef removed from UNESCO Danger List | 1

Belize Barrier Reef removed from UNESCO Danger List

Good things come to those who wait, and who work tirelessly to preserve the wonderful life on this Earth. The people of Belize did both, and their efforts were recognized after nine years of working...

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8 Things You Can’t Miss | The Ultimate Belize Bucket List

It’s no secret many adventure travelers flock to Belize because of our famed Great Blue Hole; knocking off a World Heritage Site off your bucket list is an indescribable feeling. Luckily, while you’re...

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4 Things Travel Sites Won't Tell You About Belize  | 1

4 Things Travel Sites Won't Tell You About Belize

So you’ve finally gotten that PTO and researched your summer destination until you knew it like the back of your hand. Scouring travel forums for days and researching so thoroughly, you have no doubt...

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Mango Festival 2018 | 1

Mango Festival 2018 | Celebrate the fruit in all its forms

Diced, sliced, on a stick, or straight off the tree, there are so many ways to devour the (unofficial) fruit of Belize: Mango! You know us for throwing nutty festivals, sweet festivals, and fishy ones...

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Why Belize is Perfect for Your Babymoon  | 1

Why Belize is Perfect for Your Babymoon

Whether you’re expecting your first, second or fifth bundle of joy, we can all agree pregnancy is no vacation. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take one! Babymooning deserves as much hype as honeymooni...

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