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cruising in belize 1

Cruising to Belize? Here are some must-dos

            Belize is a country that deserves to be indulged in, from the culinary capitals in the north to the much-needed beach vibes in the south. But what if you only have one day to make the most...

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8 Insane (but true) things about Belize  1

8 Insane (but true) things about Belize

In a country so small, you’d be surprised of the interesting facts that make up Belize. From the animals we choose as our national symbols to things you won’t find anywhere else, these 8 things about...

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4 Travel Rules You Need to Break  1

4 Travel Rules You Need to Break

The old adage goes rules were meant to be broken, and in the case of traveling to Belize, all general travel rules go out the window. While rules do make things easier and can lead to smoother travel,...

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big rock falls

Don’t Swim? | Here are 3 water-based activities you can still enjoy in Belize

Ah, Belize. The country of known beaches and hundreds of cayes, islands and of course, the world-renowned barrier reef. For those fellow travelers who wished they could enjoy the underwater marvels...

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Belize on a Budget | Tips to save money in Belize

Traveling is something sacred, an experience many avid wanderlusters claim adds purpose to their life. Which is why it is unfortunate when such experience may be limited by financial matters. However,...

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Chocolate Festival of Belize 2019 1

Sweet Tooth, anyone? Chocolate Festival of Belize 2019

Chocolate aficionados’ favorite time of the year has come: the annual Chocolate Festival of Belize! The agenda of this lively event, coupled with the beatific scenery of Southern Belize, is the mold...

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ATM Cave Dos and Donts

Dos and Don’ts: Everything you need to know about the ATM Cave Experience

So, you’ve decided to see one of the most famous caves in the world for yourself. Whether it was your friend’s experience, the mystery surrounding the sacred site, or National Geographic’s praises, yo...

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Putting the B in Bleisure | Why Belize is perfect for bleisure travel

By now the established – albeit cringe-y – portmanteau “bleisure” has made its rounds in the travel industry for a couple of years now. “Bleisure,” a hybrid of business and leisure travel, has been on...

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7 Kid-friendly activities in Belize 1

7 Kid-friendly activities in Belize

Belize lies in that sweet spot of catering both to thrill-seekers and relaxation-enthusiasts. But what about families with young kids? This tropical country is one of the friendliest and has many...

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Easter in Belize

Easter in Belize the right way | How to celebrate like a local

Easter is a sacred holiday for many all around the globe, and in Belize the locals also use it as an opportunity to honor time spent with the family while appreciating the beauty of Belize by...

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5 tips for your first belize trip

5 Tips for your first Belize trip

Traveling to somewhere new and mostly unheard of, it’s hard to know what to expect. You’ve creeped on Instagram location tags, and maybe hounded friends and coworkers who have been, but what do you...

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Things you should never do in Belize

Things you should never do in Belize

There are umpteen articles gushing on all the things you must try in Belize, from bucket-lists and new attractions to culinary wonders and memorable sites to behold. But what about the things you...

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5 Spots in Belize that went through major Glow-ups


In earlier years, Belize’s slogan was “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret” – and rightly so. Only the lucky and the true nomad would have heard of Belize, or visited in the 90s when its tourism had...

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Belize’s Biggest Festivals 1

Chocolate, Lobster, Maya: Belize’s Biggest Festivals

Dubbed the Year of the Festivals, 2019 is brimming with exciting festivals – especially in the summer – in Belize. You may have been fortunate enough to witness most of them yourself, or they have...

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Let your Zodiac Guide your Belize Travels  1

Let your Zodiac Guide your Belize Travels

What beautiful Belize lacks in size, it makes up for in things to do – more specifically, a variety of things to do for each type of traveler out there. We have many itineraries catered for the...

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Places in Belize to get away 1

Places in Belize to Get Away From it All


Spring break looms in the near horizon, and what better way to re-energize yourself than a low-key tropical getaway? Recently, Belize has become more focused on wellness, or what we like to...

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Travellers Heritage Museum 1

A Rum Tour You Can't Miss

Is there ever such a thing as a perfect tour? Travellers Rum thinks so, transporting guests through time to discover the story of one of Belize’s most historic distilleries, while also tasting some...

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Orange Walk Heritage Trail 1

Orange Walk Town Opens New Trail

The taco capital of Belize, Orange Walk Town boasts rich Maya & Mestizo culture and a history worth telling about. The latter is precisely what the town will showcase to visitors as a new Heritage...

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Blue Hole Expedition Aquatica Submarines 1

Here's what we know about the bottom of the Blue Hole

One of the most anticipated underwater expeditions took place in our very own backyard last December. Aquatica Submarines, along with Sir Richard Branson and Fabien Cousteau (yes, from that Cousteau)...

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How to Experience Belize Like a Local

Different people vacation differently, whether having an agent book everything for them so all they have to worry about is getting to Belize, or landing at the airport and seeing where the wind takes...

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