Discover Bacalar Chico, an established reserve since 1996, which forms one (1) of seven (7) reserve zones  that make up Belize’s World Heritage Site. There are plenty of activities for the adventurous within this reserve. Explore the two (2) regions that make-up Bacalar Chico: Bacalar Chico National Park and Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve.

There’s plenty of diving, snorkeling and sport fishing, especially off Rocky Point. It’s safe to say, you won’t be bored.

Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve:

This marine reserve encompasses 15,530 acres at the most northern part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef system. You’ll discover the significance of this top-priority marine reserve as a spawning and aggregation bed for important fish species, such as: Horse Eye Jacks and Black Groupers. Plan a snorkel or dive for an optimal experience and view the only region where Belize’s Barrier Reef system meets the mainland!

Bacalar Chico National Park:

Explore this 11,145 acres of reserve, which rests on relict reef and the bedrock limestone of the Yucatan. This reserve is one of the best examples of well-developed littoral forests. It is also perfect for hiking and explorations. Research has documented 31 mammal species and 36 reptile species within this reserve. If you’re looking for adventure, Bacalar Chico National Park is for you!