Belize on a Budget | Tips to save money in Belize

Traveling is something sacred, an experience many avid wanderlusters claim adds purpose to their life. Which is why it is unfortunate when such experience may be limited by financial matters. However, there are still ways to experience the amazing Belize rainforest and breathtaking barrier reef with a few money-saving tips. 

  1. Prioritize spend. Are you a foodie or a luxe island hopper? Can you sleep anywhere but want to be blown away by your time in Belize? When planning your trip, divide what you would like to skimp on, and what you would like to spend on. For instance, street food in Belize is a great option to pocket some change while also seeing where the locals eat every day . Grab some cheap yet delicious panades for lunch from a food stand and you’ll have extra for that horseback-riding tour. Or if you’d rather your accommodation be an experience in itself, book a beachfront cabana where no tours will be needed as you explore the island and relax by the beach. 
  2. Low season. This is an obvious tip, but in Belize tours and hotels go as low as 50% off from August to March-ish. This time might be considered the “rainy” season but it isn’t raining consistently to the point of you having to cancel any tours or not enjoy your vacation. Besides, activities like chocolate making, drumming school and cooking classes are all indoors! 
  3. Join a group tour. Many island expeditions, like snorkeling at Shark Ray Alley or cave tubing at Nohoch Che’en require a minimum number of persons. If you’re really eyeing a certain tour, check to see if there are spots available on their scheduled tours for the day. This can save you a fortune when instead you’d be paying for basically a private tour.

These tips can go a long way when planning how to experience your Belize vacation. For more information on things to do in Belize, feel free to call us toll-free at 1-800-6240686 or email us at

Belize on a budget
Belize on a budget 2