Belize: The ultimate Galentine’s Getaway Destination

It may not be Leslie Knope’s beloved town of Pawnee, Indiana, but Belize still makes a great contender for where to spend your Galentine’s trip with your best gal pals. This year, February 13 falls on a Saturday, which makes it ideal for a Galentine’s Day weekend getaway.  Here are some activities you and your girl friends can consider when planning your trip.

  1. Zip-lining. This thrilling experience will have you hurtling through the rainforest canopy on a harness while your friends video you from the other side of the jungle. The adrenaline-inducing activity is a fun way to begin your Belize vacation, and one of the more popular adventure activities in the country.
  2. Paddleboarding. Head down to Hopkins on Belize’s southeast coast to enjoy the stellar shoreline and sunset views. For a great group activity, take up some paddleboards out on the water and explore before heading back to the resort for some cocktails.  
  3. San Pedro Food Tour. What better way to get to know the famous Isla Bonita than a food tour? Restaurant-hop to all the places that make the San Pedro food scene so great. From authentic Hispanic cuisine to freshly-caught seafood, you and the girls will find ample reason to enjoy this tour to the max. Not to mention indulge in the island’s vibrant night life after it’s done!
  4. Beachside brunch. What’s better than fry jacks in the morning? Fry jacks with a side of ocean views! Whether you’re at one of the islands or down on the southeast coast, if the mouth-watering smell of a traditional Belizean brunch won’t wake you up, the salty air from the Caribbean Sea will.

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