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Cruising to Belize? Here are some must-dos

            Belize is a country that deserves to be indulged in, from the culinary capitals in the north to the much-needed beach vibes in the south. But what if you only have one day to make the most of it? Most cruise goers that arrive to Belize are whisked away to different parts of the country in hopes to see what all our beautiful Jewel offers. Here’s a must-do list if you’re cruising to Belize.

  1. Explore Belize City. This is where Belize’s one of only two cruise ports is located, and as the ship anchors a few miles away, you’ll be tendered in no time to the port itself, where restaurants and local souvenir shops will be waiting for you. Take a historic walk through Belize City’s historic trails, learning about our past and the significant buildings dotted around the city, such as the Museum of Belize or the Baron Bliss Lighthouse. Some tour operators offer guided bus tours as they weave through the streets of Belize City.   
  2. Cave Tubing. Many of those who visit by cruise leave with the fond memories of wading through dark Mayan caves while perched on a tube. This attraction is quite popular, as it is about an hour away from the port and you get to see the magnificent Nohoch Che’en caves with the added option of ziplining through the jungle canopies. This activity is perfect for families with younger kids as well.
  3. Belize Zoo. The best littlest zoo differs from many others you might know, as only rehabilitated and rescued animals are housed here. Say hello to some of the baby jaguars, and have one-on-one facetime with our national animal, the tapir. Along the way you may spot some friendly lizards and iguanas, and make sure to stop by and say hi to our national bird the keel-billed toucan!
  4. Go Maya site hunting. A mere hour away is the secluded Maya site of Altun Ha, or known as ‘Rockstone Pond.’ This is where the largest jade head in the region was discovered, and the Mayan structures provide a tremendous view after you summit them! If archaeology really is your thing, venture a little further north, about two hours away from port, to the Maya site of Lamanai. This site can be accessed via a boat ride, where spider monkeys swing to your left and right through the jungle trees.

These are some of the absolute must-dos if you are lucky enough to cruise to Belize. For more things to do, feel free to email us at or call us toll-free at 1-800-624-0686.

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