Easter in Belize

Easter in Belize the right way | How to celebrate like a local

Easter is a sacred holiday for many all around the globe, and in Belize the locals also use it as an opportunity to honor time spent with the family while appreciating the beauty of Belize by traveling locally. There are traditional events that take place during the Easter holiday that Belizeans look forward to, the biggest ones being in Benque Viejo and San Pedro. However, there are other more intimate traditions that make Easter in Belize truly special. Here is how you can experience the holiday like a Belizean.

  1. Hot Cross Bun. This delicious spiced, sweet bun is not only exclusive to Belize, but many parts of United Kingdom, Ireland, and other places. Traditionally eaten on Good Friday, this bun sports a cross on top of it, symbolizing the cross Jesus was crucified on.
  2. Horse Race. The famed Castleton Derby race takes place every Easter Monday in the rural village of Burrell Boom, the only village having a race track. Hundreds of Belizeans – and non-Belizeans – flock to the village to witness the perfect end to the Easter Holiday. Local food galore and with the children enjoying the stunning creatures making their lightning-fast rounds, it’s no wonder this event is so highly anticipated.  
  3. Cycling Race. Another race, but this time for cycling enthusiasts. Taking place on Holy Saturday, Belizeans convene on the George Price Highway in Belize City to see off the cyclists as they make their way to San Ignacio Town and back. More than 80 years old, the race welcomes both national and international cyclists, with the entire route adding up to 144 miles.
  4. Good Friday rules. There are certain ‘rules’ that surround Good Friday and since most Belizeans are Roman Catholics, many follow these traditions to a T. For instance, no meat other than fish is to be consumed on this sacred day. No swimming whatsoever should take place on this day, either. Though many of these traditions are being adapted to modern times or even erased in some families, many locals opt out of any technology on Good Friday. Meaning no TV’s (unless watching Passion of the Christ), no cell phones, and no traveling during this day. The aim is for Christians to focus on the somber reminder that Jesus was crucified on this day and to spend time with loved ones.
  5. Local Beach Vibes. After all the reflecting on Good Friday and traveling on Holy Saturday, the party begins on Easter Sunday! One of the most popular routines during Easter Sunday is venturing to your local beach with your family for a swim. Whether it’s a lagoon, the village’s river or the beautiful Caribbean Sea, everyone enjoys some good beach bumming in Belize.

Taking part in these traditions the way Belizeans do will give you a different outlook of how we experience Easter in Belize. For more information on traditions in Belize, feel free to call us toll-free at 1-800-624-0686 or email us at info@travelbelize.org.