Eco Camino

Gear up for a spellbinding experience, and a lifetime of memories in Belize with our ecotourism packages! Customize the trip of your dreams through a wide selection of activities. Our Ecotourism packages will have you visiting the true and wild Belize in its purest form. Pick from various activities aimed at growing the bonds we entertain with nature, as well as the ones between people from around the world. We feel responsible tourism is a necessity while traveling, and we cater to the curious and active minds of those who embrace ecotourism as a way of life.

We offer service in French, English and Spanish to cater to a large group of eco-conscious travelers. We aim at giving you the exclusive feel you seek and deserve with the best possible experience. Our programs are off the beaten path, benefit local communities, they are educational and personable, all the while satisfying the edgy adventure traveler’s need for thrill and excitement.

We seek what brings us closer to one another, we seek to understand the fragile balance in our ecosystem and share with others the impact our footprints can bare. For this we’ve built packages that remove the artifice, and present a true life experience in which volunteering and connecting stand at the forefront of our activities.

We know and understand the needs of eco-conscious travelers and therefore thrive to provide a flexible and adaptable experience varying with your individual interests and desires. Your time is precious, and our expertise will make the difference! No matter what you wish to see, we can make it happen!

Eco Camino

Eco Camino
San Ignacio Town