Experiencing “Hol Chan”-A Guide to Snorkeling

Experiencing “Hol Chan”, will change any misconceptions you may have about marine life, forever! It’s where colorful marine life and corals co-exist beautifully in Belize…

A Guide to Snorkeling:

There are numerous corals within the blanket of Belize’s turquoise waters, and Hol Chan acts as a bed for beautiful coral formations, including: Boulder Corals, Brain Corals, Finger Corals, Lettuce Corals, Sea Cucumbers and more!

Envision a magical underworld that is more aesthetically appealing than that of cartoon depictions, then insert yourself here…

You don’t even need to jump-in, to fall in love with this marine reserve; the close proximity to Belize’s 185 mile-long Great Barrier Reef, complimented by variations of blue waters, is an experience by itself!

Hol Chan Facts:

–  “Hol Chan” is Maya for “Little Channel”.

–  The depth of the area varies up to 30feet.

–  The reserve covers around 3 square miles of Marine life.

–  It was declared as a reserve in 1987 by the Government of Belize.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve has a channel that is a little over 25 yards wide, separating its four zones:

    –  ZONE A: Coral Reef.

    –  ZONE B: Grass Beds.

    –  ZONE C: Mangroves.

    –  ZONE D: Shark-Ray Alley.

Snorkeling Tour:

It’s a haven that must be bucket-listed; with epic snorkeling benefits, and certified tour guides to facilitate your experience, first-timers and returning adventurers can expect to be transitioned into another world.

About 4 miles south east of Ambergris Caye-San Pedro; this reserve is easily accessible from the two main (northern) islands of Belize: Ambergris Caye-San Pedro and Caye Caulker.

This is a top recreational/adventurous tour for most and usually lasts for about two hours; highlighting two main sections: the Coral Reef as well as Shark Ray Alley.

Snorkeling gears are provided and fitted prior to departing from the mainland. You can opt for a life vest or if you are feeling a bit adventurous (and you’re a good swimmer) you can choose to swim without one. Your attentive tour guide will take you on a guided tour around some notable coral formations pointing out various marine life along the way.

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