Explore “PG”

It’s that unexpected sense of belonging that lures visitors to Punta Gorda for an encore…

“PG” (as the locals call it) is a fruitful land, where enriched experiences of history, culture, and nature encompass your being.
Traveling here? Make sure to visit Punta Gorda Town, tour the jungles, explore the ancient Maya site “Lubaantun”, snorkel the aesthetic islands of Snake Caye and indulge in all the cultural cuisines!

“PG” Town:
From Front Street, you’ll see the open coastline and the Caribbean Sea with its miles and miles of pristine (lush) jungles in view of Honduras on the outskirts. Your foodie trail starts in this little fisherman region where the fresh catch sizzles with traditional flavors.

Within the backdrop of Punta Gorda, you’ll discover the magnificent Maya Mountains and other spectacular preserved jungles beaming with tons of adventure. Take the Cacao Trail Tour, the medicinal trail, or go bird-watching, to name a few. Other preserved forests offer equal experiences.
These thousands of preserved acres are inhabited by numerous types of wildlife, such as the jaguar, tapir and more. Get ready!

Lubaantun Archaeological Site:
Located about 40 minutes from the town, Lubaantun features (3) ballcourts and (11) large sites with (5) main plazas. This Maya site is the largest in the south. A notable distinction is the lack of entry into the hand-carved limestone (curved) structures.

Snake Cayes-Snorkeling:
Only 45 minutes by boat, this little gem of preserved marine system is excellent for snorkeling and diving. Snake Cayes is comprised of 4 islands: West, Middle, East and South Caye. Its name is derived from the once boa constrictor inhabitants. Be on the lookout for spectacular coral formations, colorful fishes and other marine life!

Cultural Cuisines:
Get-a-taste of Belize as you indulge in staple dishes, such as: Sere (a coconut soup with fish and a side of “hudut” a plantain mash) and Pibil (underground cooked pork strips served with warm tortillas and veggies).

Here, the cultural pride of the Garinagu and Maya descendants is infectious. Get acquainted with countless exposures awaiting the adventurer in you, start prepping for Belize!

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