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Five Blues Lake: Belize’s treasured secret

            Just when you think you’ve discovered all there is to see in tiny Belize, there’s always a new underrated spot to explore. This happens to be the case for Five Blues National Park, which has been gaining popularity in the last couple of years despite being established since the 1990s. Named after the five different shades of blue that make up the lake, this 10-acre national park is ideal for hiking and swimming and easily accessible off Mile 32 on the Hummingbird Highway.

            What many may not know is that this lake is considered a natural phenomenon, as its origin involves some sort of unknown blockage. Since then, the lake has drained and refilled itself quite inexplicably over the years. However, this does not deter locals and tourists alike to explore the majestic lake to dive in, a depth that is thought to be around 200 feet. It is surrounded by forest and limestone hills, which make for a dramatic ambience. Many birders also flock to the national park as it is known to have over 217 species of bird. You may also spot other wildlife such as coatimundi, peccary, agouti and others.

            According to Ambergris Caye Today, Five Blues has an excellent self-guided trial with with a trail map you can purchase for $10. It also has a small basic visitor center, and mountain bikes and Kayaks for hire, making it perfect for families. You can book through the “Hummingbird Tourist Connection (081 2005, Francis Reid).” Park visitors need to register at the center, which is open from 8am to 4pm daily.

            Because this area is still unexplored, you’re bound to have the place almost all to yourself when visiting. We encourage you to spend more than a day here and perhaps camp, or find nearby lodgings (Belmopan is to the northwest.)

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five blues lake belize