The Heart of Toledo Adventure Trail

Take the Heart of Toledo Adventure Trail Tour to begin an intimate journey filled with discoveries and an unmatched connection to the culture, traditions and nature of Belize…


Big Falls, Silver Creek, San Miguel and San Pedro Columbia (villages)


Toledo is blessed with natural, cultural and historical attractions. From spectacular inland waterfalls, ancient Maya sites, lush and dense jungles, and friendly people, discover something new at every turn!

Squeeze the most out of your visit through this rustic region!


Start your trail at Big Falls for the Living Maya Experience. Get the one-on-one cooking, farming, craft and instrument making  lessons (to name a few) from the Maya descendants themselves!

Make zip lining and kayaking part of your next adventures! Take on the foodie-challenge and indulge in the flavorful local dishes that are popular in the area!


Taste the raw cacao of Belize while helping to transform it into the tastiest chocolate found on earth! Southern Belize is home to plenty chocolatiers who have mastered the production methods …


Meet the Maya harpist “King,” Mr. Florencio Mes. This internationally and locally known musician grants you access to his daily life. Learn the secrets behind the traditional Maya instruments and its production. Continue your tour with the Ka’K’alenel Kar Sa’ Nima’, tour the spectacular Tiger Cave system, take a refreshing dip into the Rio Grande (river)… and much more!


Be mesmerized by the Blue Morpho butterfly farming techniques in this picturesque village. Take a tour through the jungles to discover the medicinal significance of nature (to name a few).

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