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Honeymoon Destinations | Why Belize is your perfect pick

So you’ve gotten engaged, thrown a fabulous wedding, and now it’s time for just the two of you to celebrate your beautiful betrothal. Though the world is at your newlywed fingertips, here’s why Belize and romance go together like you and your loved one.

Top 6 Reasons why Belize is Perfect for your Honeymoon:

  1. No overcrowding.

Belize may rely quite a bit on the tourist industry, but that doesn’t mean you will see throngs of people everywhere you go. With stretches of beaches and gold-dripping sunsets, Belize is Bali without the crowd. You and your better half will enjoy the intimacy of a relaxing beach nap or a couple’s massage without waiting in lines.

  1. Caters to each personality.

If you and your spouse are an opposites-attract type of couple, it may be difficult to honeymoon somewhere you will both enjoy. Since Belize is relatively small, getting from point A to point B is only a few hours apart, at most. If your spouse is a thrill-seeker and you’re more of a beach bum, zip lining in Western Belize can be done on Tuesday morning while lounging at Caye Caulker in the evening. No one sacrifices their preference!

  1.  Budget-friendly.

You can traipse in luxury without making your wallet cry. And after a lavish – but fitting – wedding, who wants to dish even more money? According to Budget Your Trip, one week for a couple is a chaste USD$1,707! That’s peanuts compared to what you’d spend somewhere else. Even if you have wiggle room to splurge on a luxury resort at one of the islands, it would be significantly less than other resorts. The exchange rate itself is in favor of USD at $1 BZD to $2 USD.

  1. Eco-friendly.

Belize cares about their carbon footprint, and have recently proved this by approving a proposal to phase out plastic silverware and Styrofoam by 2019. From many signs around the country encouraging everyone to properly dispose of their trash to award-winning eco-friendly resorts, the country strives to be greener. You’ll revel in paradise knowing your honeymoon destination cares not only about its guests, but about its own host – Earth – as well.

  1. Smooth communication.

Belize’s first language is English, which makes traveling a little easier if you want to enjoy Latin American-esque sites without having to pantomime.

  1. More than just looks.

While burning sunsets at a sandbar are the definition of romantic, Belize has a rich story. With a saturated history – made colorful courtesy of its many cultures – the tropical country makes for an interesting honeymoon destination. You’ll hear about the people, the eclectic food, and its unique topography. Complimenting the passionate vistas is the joie de vivre of the Belizean people and their stories.

Belize can be found on many honeymoon destinations lists and its easy to see why. Check out this brochure on getting married in Belize or read the requirements here.

For more information on romance in Belize, feel free to email us at info@travelbelize.org or call us toll-free at 1-800-624-0686.

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