Know Before You Go | 8 Kriol Phrases

Whether landing at the international airport or docking at the cruise port in Belize City, you’ll be greeted with a motley of languages the further you venture into the country. One of these languages is practically the pillar of Belizean kulcha (culture). Often debated as whether it should be considered an official language, the Kriol dialect is nonetheless widely – and proudly – spoken throughout the country, from the villages in the north to the cities on the coast.

If you truly wish to blend in like a local – and impress your touristy friends – here are eight Kriol phrases to get under your belt before your visit to Belize.

  1. Weh gaan ahn?          – How’s it going?
  2. Fu chroo?                   – Really?
  3. How much fi dis?        – How much does this cost?
  4. Weh you gwein?         – Where are you going?
  5. Yuh aarite?                 – You’re doing well?
  6. Weh pawt ih deh?       – Where is it?
  7. Weh yuh naym?         – What’s your name?
  8. Ah tayad                     – I’m tired

As a bonus, here are four Kriol sayings similar to popular well-known proverbs.

  • If dah no soh, dah naily soh. – (if it’s not so, it is nearly so.) Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.
  • One one craboo fill barrel. – Every little bit counts.
  • Empty crocus bag kant stan up. – (empty sacks can’t stand up) You can’t do proper work if you’re hungry.
  • Haud aze pikni go dah market twice. – (hard of hearing children go to the market twice.) If you don’t pay attention/are absentminded, you may have to do the work twice.

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