Lobster-Festivals of Belize

2016 “Lobster Festivals of Belize”, a fusion of spices sizzling to perfection on freshly caught lobsters and complimented by the enchanting view of turquoise waters. If the idea of succulent lobster dishes isn’t tempting enough, these popular (beach-setting) destinations will seal-the-deal, here are the top Lobster Festival destinations:

2016 Belize Lobster Festival Dates:

  • Ambergris Caye-San Pedro: June (15th – 26th) 
  • Placencia: June (24th – 26th) 
  • Caye Caulker: July (1st – 3rd) 


Mingle with the local fishermen community of Belize and they will attest to the significance of lobster festival season. Traditionally, it was this community who initiated what has now flourished into an internationally recognized event, attracting thousands of lobster-lovers, annually.

As a main means of income for these communities, fishermen started the celebration at the opening of lobster season (in June).

Did-You-Know?  Fishermen still practice the traditional catching methods of free diving and using wooden lobster traps?


There’s never a dull moment when celebrating these festivities especially with fun activities, such as:

  • Water sports.
  • Beach parties.
  • Miss Lobster Festival.
  • Lobster-eating competitions.
  • Live cultural and musical performances.
  • The “biggest lobster catch” competition.

And more!

Make a date with the Lobster Festivals of Belize and get ready to have a lobster-tail-of-a-time in Belize!

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