Archaeology & Anthropology Symposium 2014

Archaeology & Anthropology Symposium 2014

Intrigued by Belize’s archaeological past, present and future? Visit the “Archaeology and Anthropology Symposium 2014” and get all the facts about the research developments from the local and international scientists themselves!  The symposium is an all-day event, which takes place July 1st – 4th, 2014, at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel in the Cayo District.

Symposium Insight:

Discover the traditions of Belize’s ancient Maya civilization with tabled topics, such as:

  • Interpreting the Mortuary Use of Actun Kaul, Roaring Creek, Belize”.
  • The Q’eqchi Maya Healers of Belize: Rethinking Agency in the Era of Globalization”.
  • “The Archaeological Chronology of Southern Belize”, to name a few.

As the known “Maya Epi-Center” of the Maya World, Belize has a wealth of artifacts and monuments still awaiting discovery, after all, it is a local fact that most of our mountains are considered to be hidden Maya sites.

Line-up of Archaeologists Includes:

  • (Dr.) John E. Douglas, Linda J. Brown, and Jaime J. Awe: “Archaeology in Belize: Research Investigation Results”.
  • (Dr.) Heather Mckillop and Terance Winemiller: “Classic Maya Domestic Economy at the Paynes Creek Salt Works”.
  • (Dr.) Robin Robertson and Debra S. Walker: “Trading Places; New Interpretations of the Late Precalssic Port Facility at Cerro Maya”.

Doors are open to all persons interested in unraveling the mystic of Belize’s ancient Maya civilization; discover how to be…

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Archaeology & Anthropology Symposium 2014