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Northern Belize in 72 Hours

As more eager travelers arrive to see the Great Blue Hole (among other things) for themselves, they’re often immediately whisked away to the sunny North Islands or to adventurous Western Belize. Northern Belize is given a curt nod with some mention of “tacos.” While the cayes and the rainforest are worth the hype, this article will shed some light on why the Orange Walk and Corozal Districts deserve the same fame shared amongst their flashier neighbor districts.


Corozal borders Mexico which leads to most of its inhabitants speaking primarily Spanish. The district itself, along with Orange Walk, consists of many smaller villages, with the biggest towns being Orange Walk Town and Corozal Town. The latter is known for its sleepy coastline where locals often lounge and swim on Sundays. As for Orange Walk, we’re looking at the (fire) heart of the infamous tacos.

Day 1:

After arriving at the international airport, make your way north to Orange Walk Town via a rental car or with a charter transport. Check in at one of the local hotels and get some shut-eye before venturing out in the night. The nightlife in OW revolves around its central park, Queen Elizabeth Park. Food vendors flank all sides of the park where there is free Wi-Fi and the occasional concert. People-watch while munching on some garnaches on a bench. Head back to your hotel and get some rest before tomorrow’s trip to Lamanai! (Organized either by your hotel or yourself.)

Day 2:

Wake up bright and early and make your way to the street corner to have a taste of those ubiquitous Orange Walk Tacos (there’s bound to be one near your hotel. They’re everywhere!) Slather on some mosquito repellant and head to the dock at the New River. Your 45-minute boat ride to the Maya site of Lamanai is guaranteed to involve friendly spider monkeys and lots of bird spotting!

Climb to the top of Lamanai and take in the verdant view. Have lunch and make your way back down to explore more. Once docked back in town, walk nearby to the Banquitas House of Culture, a small museum right on the banks of the New River.  

After a day of learning about Belize and Maya history, it’s time for a classic Belikin and top-notch ceviche. Ask your concierge for directions to a cevichería popular with locals and you’ll get an up close look at authentic Orange Walk. You might even feel like an Orange Walkeño yourself!

Dinner options include some of the award-winning restaurants dotted in the town center that serve great food with their own Belizean twist.

Day 3:

After inland explorations, today you get to take a swim in the Caribbean Sea. Drive up to Corozal Town in the morning and have lunch by the seaside. Any spot along the sea wall is a great place to set up camp for the rest of the day. Indulge yourself in some ice cream from the ice cream cart on a bicycle that passes by every half hour or so. To experience a savory Belizean snack, wait for the conch fritter vendor (also on a bike) and try some! Spend the rest of the afternoon swimming in the warm waters and making friends with the people.  

Make your way back to Orange Walk around dusk to drive alongside the sunset. For dinner tonight, try the famous pupusas located in the Otro Benque neighborhood (right on the Northern Highway.)

These are just some of the activities the north has to offer. To learn more about the culturally-rich villages in Orange Walk like the Mennonite community of Shipyard or the Maya center of Yo Creek, check out this page.

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