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Orange Walk Town Opens New Trail

The taco capital of Belize, Orange Walk Town boasts rich Maya & Mestizo culture and a history worth telling about. The latter is precisely what the town will showcase to visitors as a new Heritage Trail has been added on the “Things to do in Orange Walk” list. The trail, which can either be done on foot or by driving, will feature “historic sites and a place of memory, structures of architectural interest and cultural spaces.”

The town’s historical narrative is laid out through this 1-hour trail and the stops are dotted across town. Each of them has a designated sign depicting the history and importance to the town. This new activity will allow you to be more versed in the Northern district’s culture, and not to mention get to know all the best secret taco spots! You can either book the trail with a guide or take a drive yourself to each point. Maps are available at the Banquitas House of Culture.

Below are the highlights of the trail along with some points of interest.

  1. Banquitas House of Culture
  2. Fort Mundy
  3. Sandy Hunter Library
  4. Main Street
  5. La Inmaculada Church
  6. New River/Old Barracks
  7. Fire Station
  8. Fort Cairns
  9. St. Peter’s Anglican Church
  10. Central Park

Other places of interest:

  1. Police Station
  2. Fr. Piemonte Cemetery
  3. Town Clock
  4. Orange Walk Town Hall
  5. Municipal Market
  6. Marcos Canul Monument

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