The perfect Valentine’s Day itinerary in Belize 1

The perfect Valentine’s Day itinerary in Belize

Belize is no stranger to romance, recently even having been listed in Travel and Leisure’s best honeymoon destinations. Many couples seek out Belize as their perfect romantic getaway, especially since there are many experiences that are ideal for lovebirds. With this in mind, we have curated the perfect itinerary for you and your better half come Valentine’s Day weekend.

  1. Chocolate-making tour. The intimate setting of chocolate-making from scratch screams romance; just look at what’s the main candy marketed for Valentine’s Day! Book a session for you and your partner, and learn how to make this sweet treat all the way from the cacao seeds to the finished product. San Ignacio hosts some great tours you can check out when starting your vacation.
  2. Pottery-making. *Cue Ghost pottery-making scene with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore* In all seriousness, a pottery-making class is a fun way to spend some quality time while learning an exciting new skill with your significant other. Plus, at the end of the tour, you get to have a souvenir crafted by yourself! This tour is also offered near San Ignacio, so no need to crunch for time when scheduling out your activities.
  3. Sunset cruise. For the latter half of your romantic itinerary, head to Ambergris Caye for some downtime laced with sandy shores and killer views. Book a sunset sailboat tour to fully appreciate the magic of the Caribbean Sea. There are plenty of tours that offer complimentary champagne and Belize’s signature ceviche dish while you and your plus one marvel at the sunset.
  4. Romantic Beach Dinner. What better way to end your Valentine’s Day weekend than a stellar candle-lit dinner on the beach? You, your Valentine and some really good food are the only elements you need to tie the bow on a perfect Belize vacation. There are many resorts that offer romance packages for couples looking to make the most out of their trip.

Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day weekend to creep up on you before you have a plan to wow your partner. There are many other romantic activities to do in Belize should you wish to visit later in the year. For more information on travel to Belize, call us toll-free at 1-800-624-0686 or email us at

The perfect Valentine’s Day itinerary in Belize 2
The perfect Valentine’s Day itinerary in Belize 4
The perfect Valentine’s Day itinerary in Belize 3