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Places in Belize to Get Away From it All

Spring break looms in the near horizon, and what better way to re-energize yourself than a low-key tropical getaway? Recently, Belize has become more focused on wellness, or what we like to interpret as ‘taking a well-deserved break’ from the real world. Below you will find places in Belize made specifically to ‘get away from it all,’ from deep in the forest canopies to lounging at silk-sand beaches.

  1. South Water Caye. Upon docking at this lovely palm tree-studded island, you will see why it’s number one on this list. The island is a perfect size to feel secluded yet be in tune with the earth at once. Hammocks dot the shoreline, your choice of views being the large coconut tree leaves above you or the shimmering water that seem scattered with blue diamonds in front of you. Take your pick.
  2. Mountain Pine Ridge. The region that boasts rainforest canopies, the renowned Sleeping Giant, and the postcard-worthy Hummingbird Highway. Mountain Pine Ridge is the perfect place to shut yourself off from the world and focus on you. There are many accommodations in this region that offer jungle lodges, eco-spas, and treehouses, the only interruption residing here being waking up to the monkeys cooing or the birds twittering.
  3. Caye Caulker. We always write about Caye Caulker’s sunsets and there’s a valid reason why. The seawall at the Split was made for beach sunsets, in other words sunsets that makes you forget about all your worries. Be present in the moment and soak in the Caribbean sun. You might not be the only one enjoying the view, but at that point it doesn’t matter because everything else melts away when you sit with your feet hanging over the ledge watching time slowly tick by.
  4. Hopkins. This sleepy hidden gem of a village remains undiscovered to most tourists (but not for long!) Hopkins seeps peace and tranquility, the beaches pristine and crowd-free. Biking around the village during the day and lounging in your villa – or B&B – in the evenings make for a perfect wellness itinerary. The village life itself is full of vibrant color, both literally and figuratively, while also having secluded beach spots to do yoga at dawn or have a picnic at dusk.

These are  few places that are perfect for getting away from it all, and we warn that though these might be great vacation spots, you might never want to leave.

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Places in Belize to get away 2
South Water Caye - Places in Belize to Get away
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