Putting the B in Bleisure | Why Belize is perfect for bleisure travel

By now the established – albeit cringe-y – portmanteau “bleisure” has made its rounds in the travel industry for a couple of years now. “Bleisure,” a hybrid of business and leisure travel, has been on the rise as more people bring along partners to business travels and/or stay an extra few days to explore the destination. If you’re in an exotically intoxicating city for a conference, why not explore it for some extra couple days?

Bleisure travel is said to help work more effectively, and “takes some of the stress out of business travel and keeps [you] more relaxed while away from home.” The diversity and size of Belize makes it the perfect model for bleisure (Belize-ure?) travel as you can get your work done in the city and be in the islands with your significant other by noon.

Why Belize is perfect for Bleisure Travel:

  1. Family-Friendly. The umpteen amount of child-friendly activities is insurmountable. From stopping at the Belize Zoo on your way back from a meeting in Western Belize to doing a quick zip-line tour when you have some down time is a great advantage. The little ones – and your significant other – will never be bored.
  2. Do the most in little time. This selling point might have been mentioned many times, but it truly is an immense advantage when you have only two days to explore the wonders of the country. You can get the sense of the country in about two days, both in the islands and down south. Point A to Point B will only take you four hours at the most in a rented vehicle (sans island time.)
  3. Solo Traveler’s paradise. For the solo (often millennial) traveler that gets to attend summits or speak at conferences in Belize, they often find it easy enough to quickly book a boat ticket and head to the islands right after their corporate event. Since their business events perhaps only take a day, they have the entire weekend to explore the country before heading back on a Monday. The short trip can be rejuvenating and the results are reflected in work productivity so the employer is more open to bleisure travels.  
  4. Short domestic flights. PGIA may be the main airport in Belize, but there are still a few airlines that can take you throughout the country in a matter of minutes. If there’s a client meeting in the city, you can hop on a noon flight and be among the rainforest canopy hotel room by the afternoon. The next day, you can do the same thing by taking a quick flight to Southern Belize and experience a chocolate tour.  Perhaps the kids can enjoy cave tubing while the husband/wife relaxes at the beach.   
  5. Things ‘go slower’ here. Another perk of conducting business travels in Belize is that the ‘go slow’ motto doesn’t necessarily apply only to Caye Caulker. Even during business hours, we are known to be a take-it-easy type of folk. So expect little stress, even during business meetings. The ‘go slow’ spirit carries into the offices, where laid-back atmospheres are very common. You’ll even forget it’s supposed to be a “business” trip!
  6. Culturally saturated. Traveling to Belize for corporate reasons isn’t like your normal business-related trips. You leave not only having gained from your corporate sessions, but also become immersed in the diversity of our cultures. Around the conference room table alone you will see many different faces that make up who we are. You are able to interact with different peoples, even if for a short period of time. This bonus is truly what makes bleisure travel in Belize stand out. At the least, it’ll want you to visit again in the near future, hopefully on a full leisure trip.

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