Romantic things to do | Honeymooning in Belize

After tying the knot in Belize, it only makes sense to continue reveling in the tropical paradise for your honeymoon. As you plan your romantic trip to Belize, here are a few things to add to your itinerary while traveling for the first time as newlyweds.

Romantic things to do in Belize:

  1. Hike the Jaguar Preserve. Western Belize is the hub for adventurous couples, and if getting lost in nature together is your idea of a perfect date, then the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is for you. An hour or so hike to the cascading waterfall is ideal for a polar plunge after all that climbing. The privacy of the picturesque site is made for you and your special someone. And don’t worry, jaguars are rarely around the area!
  1. Make some chocolate.  What’s more romantic than chocolate? Now in Belize you can make your very own and with your love right beside you guiding your hand. When traveling to Belize, head south and look up chocolate-making farms in the area to get a taste of authentic chocolate as sweet as your newlywed.
  1. Snorkel at Silk Cayes. A couple that snorkels together stays together, right? At least that’s what we believe when it comes to exploring the enchanting tiny isles of Silk Cayes. A day trip – with delicious complimentary BBQ on site – will make you fall in love all over again, but this time with Belize’s nautical geography. 
  1. Take a sunset cruise. There is nothing cliché about a sunset cruise when dolphins, sea turtles and nurse sharks make a special appearance for you and your other half. Sailing through the Caribbean Sea, golden sunset on the horizon makes for a sublime end to your day.  
  1. Rent a private island. Yes, you can rent an entire island for you and your significant other. Spending a night on an island housing only a lovely villa is the dream. With only the friendly island dog to keep you all company, seclusion is exactly what you need. And not to worry, the island’s staff will be at the adjoining isle to cater to your every need if you need it.
  1. Picnic at Rio on Pools. A short hike to naturally-flowing swimming pools all cascading into each other is an unmatched site for a picnic on one of the jutting rocks. Laying a blanket over the rock and slipping your feet into the cold pools as you share some champagne is basically what a Honeymoon is all about.
  1. Horseback riding at sunrise. This one pretty much speaks for itself. Some accommodations in Western Belize offer guided tours through the lush rainforest on horseback. Trailing through the canopies with the rising sun shining through the broadleaf is perfect for the nature-loving couple.

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Romantic things to do | Honeymooning in Belize  2
Romantic things to do | Honeymooning in Belize  3
Romantic things to do | Honeymooning in Belize  4
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