Still Working from Home? Come join us in Paradise!

If you had to turn your home into your office during the pandemic you probably realized you could adjust perfectly fine to working from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. The change of scenery even if it was your bedroom or dining table may have even enabled you to work more efficiently. With more persons choosing remote work and companies pivoting toward fully online work platforms, your vacation doesn’t have to end after a week or two. Instead, you could be spending six months in a tropical paradise like Belize. Carry on business or your 9 to 5 and after hours discover an entire country’s worth of natural wonders and kaleidoscopic cultures and cuisine.

Belize is the perfect workcation destination for reasons ranging from English being the official language of the country to envious real life zoom backgrounds, to its proximity to major US cities via various airlines. As if you needed another reason, the Belize Tourism Board recently launched its Work Where You Vacation making it more convenient than ever to work and play in paradise.

Here is what you need to know to make Belize your 2022 workcation destination:

  • How long can you stay? Under the Work Where you Vacation program, you can spend a maximum of 180 days experiencing Belize. Diving the second longest barrier reef in the world, perfecting your Creole (Kriol), and discovering the secret to making those puffy fry jacks are just a few of the things you can tick of your Belize list in that time. Still, you wouldn’t have seen and experience all that there is.
  • What are the fees? The cost of doing business in Belize is relatively low. Enroll in the program for just $250 USD ($500 BZD) per adult and $100 USD ($200 BZD) per child below 18 years of age. Accommodations, food, and the general cost of living can be quite affordable leaving extra for sight-seeing. Choose to keep the little ones entertained meeting the furry celebrities at the zoo or snorkeling off one of Belize’s many islands.    
  • Permits. Permits. You’ll be happy to know that work permits are waived for participants and student permits are waived for children under the program. Spend less time filling out paper work and more time deciding which local spot to have lunch in between meetings.
  • Where do I sign up?! Submit the necessary paperwork and apply through Belize’s Immigration Department. Once approved, start planning your workcation. Choose from a quiet jungle abode, being smack in one of Belize’s bustling towns or sipping your morning coffee on a beach taking in a golden sunrise. Pay the enrolment fee upon arrival at the airport and you’re ready to start experiencing Belize.

First, check to see if you’re eligible for the Work Where You Vacation program. Then, grab your passport, laptops, swimsuits, and essentials and come join us in paradise!