Caye Caulker sunset

A Local’s Guide to the Best Sunsets in Belize

For one reason or the other, sunsets hit differently when on vacation. Perhaps it’s being in an exotic, paradisiacal setting, that makes us slow down and raise our gaze to the skies. Watching the sky glow with hues of gold as the sun descends over the horizon is romantic and inspirational. As the saying goes, “there’s no sunset like a Caribbean sunset”. Belize might be facing the East but there is no shortage of instagrammable spots to take in golden hour and this free evening show.

Here are some spots to soak up the best sunsets in Belize.

  1. Caye Caulker. Or, any island really! La Isla Cariñosa, as Caye Caulker is affectionally called is well-known for its stunning sunrises. But, the back part of the island rivals with a panoramic view of the evening sky. If you’re looking to enjoy the spectacle with friends, take a stroll along the back part of Caye Caulker and grab a seat at one of the nearby restaurants to enjoy the view as a prelude to the night’s activities. Alternatively, opt for a sunset cruise to get a full-access, romantic show.
  • Hummingbird Highway. Quaint villages, roadside waterfalls and Ms. Bertha’s savoury tamales are just a few reasons to take a road trip on Belize’s most picturesque highway. The views along the way are unbeatable with golden hour being no less impressive. The orange orchards and the towering mountains are draped with the final rays of sunshine casting a mesmerizing golden glow over the valley areas. This sunset drive will have you romanticizing the moment —cue your favorite 90’s movie soundtrack.
  • Mountain Pine Ridge. Kaleidoscopic golden hues weave in and out of the pine canopy creating an otherworldly, magical experience. After an afternoon spent exploring ancient Caracol, Big Rock Falls and soaking in the Rio On Pools stay tuned to see our favorite star descend behind the forests. Yet another reason to add the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve to your list of must-see places.
  • Sarteneja. This quiet, fishing community is a relatively underrated destination in Northern Belize but locals have long known it to be the only place on the mainland to experience a true seaside sunset. “Where the Sun sets on the Water” is Sarteneja’s slogan and the village has earned its bragging rights in full.  Start your day checking out the nearby nature reserves then learn about Sarteneja’s unique boat-building tradition. In the evening, watch the aquamarine waters mirror the pink and orange cotton candy skies. The best part about being underrated is a virtually crowd-free sunset.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic moment to share or simply chasing your next vacation selfie, take a few minutes to infuse your day with the beauty of a Belizean sunset.

Caye Caulker sunset