Top 5 Activities in Hopkins – A Wholesome Travel

Though you’ll probably enjoy a laidback approach to vacationing in these parts, Hopkins beckons exploration whether foodie-based, cultural or adventurous…

Here’s a few tips on a wholesome travel to Hopkins, a predominantly Garifuna community:

1.Garifuna Dancing: Take up the Lebeha Drumming Center challenge on the beach. This is truly time-well-spent. You’ll be in the company of the top Garifuna drumming group in Hopkins as they perform and teach a few of their cultural moves (barefooted of course!).

2.Garifuna Eats: As a cultural tradition these foods are often cook on a makeshift outdoor stove known locally as “Fire Hearth”. Be prepared to indulge in fresh seafood and backyard harvested vegetables and spices for added delight! Popular Garifuna dishes include: Hudut, Tapou and Conch Soup.

3.Water Activities: If your idea of water-fun includes a kayak or a canoe then Hopkins is the perfect village to explore with a paddle! If a completely wet day out is more appealing, then go snorkeling, there are numerous island choices with plenty of coral and marine life to explore! Whichever you chose, just make sure to get in the water or lay in a hammock on the beach!

4.Village Tour: The best way to connect with the local community is by touring the village, on foot, bicycle or vehicle. There’s a lot to see and a bunch of questions to ask; the locals are very friendly and are your (Google Maps) for navigation-easeJ.

5.Nature-Connect: Take a trip to the neighboring Mayflower Bocawina Naitonal Park where nature and ancient Maya makes for a fun-filled day. In this preserve terrain you’ll discover three (3) undeveloped ancient Maya sites. Top attractions here includes its two (2) waterfalls, enjoy a hike to either 100ft or 500ft waterfall. If you’re feeling adventurous, rappel from either waterfall or simply hike to the base for a cool dip in the fresh water.

 Be familiar with the simplicities of life, discover Hopkins; explore southern Belize! For more information on this and other highlights of Belize, or for tips on planning your dream vacation, email us at: or call us TOLL FREE at: 1-800-624-0686.