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Top Adventure Activities in Belize

Belize is known for its world-class rest and relaxation, but the Central American gem also caters to adrenaline junkies wishing to explore more than great beaches and coast. Despite the many misconceptions that Belize is an island, we have vast rainforests and looming mountains inland. These lend to great adventure activities that keep folks coming back to cross off new activities off their bucket list. Here are some top adventure activities you can’t miss in Belize.

  1. Zip-lining. Many are surprised to learn that southeast Belize has some of the best zip-lining in the country. Hundreds of feet in the rainforest canopy with the views of vast Maya mountains and meandering creeks stretching below quickly becomes addicting. Zipping through the sky on just a harness and your faith in your guide is enough to get your blood pumping. Couple this tour with some cave tubing and you’ve got yourself an unforgettable day.
  2. Spelunking. Speaking of caves, Belize boasts vast cave systems, most of which haven’t even been discovered yet. Spelunking – or cave exploration – is a popular experience for thrill-seekers. In fact, one of them was even called one of the most sacred caves in the world by National Geographic. Whether you’re floating through the caves on a river tube or squeezing through tight crevices to get inside, you’re bound to come across ancient Maya pottery, crystalline stalactites and the occasional Maya skeleton, or two!
  3. Waterfall-rappelling. While daunting at first, conquering this experience earns you bragging rights to say you’ve clung to the face of a waterfall in Belize. You can rappel up to 250 feet high if you pick the right waterfall to overcome, or choose a more forgiving waterfall if you’re a newbie. Either way, the photos will come out fantastic.
  4. Kayaking at the Macal River. While peaceful, kayaking down some of Belize’s well-known rivers can definitely have some adventure elements. For instance, hopping on a canoe at one of the eco-lodges on the outskirts of San Ignacio, you’ll bear witness to many exotic birds flitting by, giant green iguanas splashing in the water, and even some small, cute bats on a cave if you’re lucky. After a couple of hours enjoying nature and maneuvering through small currents, you’ll hop off at the town’s entrance and continue with your Western Belize itinerary.

While plenty on their own, these are only some of the adventures to be had in Belize. For more information on travel to Belize, call us toll-free at 1-800-624-0686 or email us at

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