Top Instagrammable + Photography spots in Belize  

Top Instagrammable + Photography spots in Belize  

Belize used to be known as “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret” and although it’s debatable whether she’s still a secret, this curious Caribbean country still knocks your socks off when it comes to beautiful spots to visit! As millennial culture coins the term “Instagrammable,” here’s a list of gram-worthy places in Belize that are sure to have your followers scrambling for the like button.


  1. Victoria Peak – We’re starting with the big guns. This mountain is one of the highest in Belize, and the views after the hike are so spectacular you will have just enough strength to lift that smartphone and take a selfie.
  2. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary – Jaguars? Waterfalls? Trails? What’s not to like in this Jaguar preserve. At the end of the Tiger Fern trail, ask one of the many hikers nearby to snap a quick shot of you as you gaze dreamily at the cascading Tiger Fern waterfall. #Goals.
  3. The Great Blue Hole – of course no Belize list would be complete without the renowned Blue Hole – a big contributor to the best vacation sky-diving selfies in the world.


  1. Shark Ray Alley – if swimming with nurse sharks doesn’t get you upwards of a 100 likes, then the next one on the list surely will.
  2. The Split, Caye Caulker – lizard juice in one hand, flip flops in the other. Or just a panoramic shot of the gorgeous Split will capture the essence of #islandlife on your vacation.  
  3. San Pedro, Ambergris Caye – an aesthetic square shot of a golf cart as it whizzes by –with the Caribbean Sea peeking out in the background – basically sums up Belize’s biggest island. 


  1. Xunantunich – probably THE most Instagrammed location in Belize, this Maya site houses the structure of “El Castillo,” a towering temple that makes for a great background for your sun salutation.
  2. Lamanai – witnessing a sunset on top of this Maya site in Orange Walk district almost begs to be documented. How else will your followers wish they were there with you on your Belize Vacation?
  3. Barton Creek Cave – this site is unique because despite being a cave it still is considered an archaeological site. While the inside of the cave itself is a thrilling experience, the mouth of it will give a splash of dark blue to your Insta feed.

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