Is Traveling in the Low Season Actually Worth it?

In the early 2010s, you used to hear all about low season and its benefits, but now all the buzz is around “shoulder season.” Sure, traveling at the end of low season and beginning of high season can mean you get the best of both worlds, but can you get the same experiences if its low season? Of course! Well, at least in Belize you can.

Traveling during low season in most countries means taking selfies at attractions while pretending your teeth aren’t chattering. Exhibit A: traipsing along the Brooklyn Bridge with flurries stinging your face or walking down the pebble beach in Nice, France, with a scarf strangling your throat. Belize has the advantage of having only two seasons: dry and wet. The wet season overlaps with ‘low season’ travel, so the only ‘weather disadvantage’ you will have is a bit of rain. If you can overcome that, here are 5 more reasons traveling to Belize in the low season is worth it.

  1. Lower Rates. Of course this is one of the biggest ubiquitous perks of traveling in the low season. But the difference is since many accommodations on the islands rely solely on tourists for revenue, you’re bound to get a baffling deal on room rates. Many times you get up to 40% off accommodations, which is perfect if traveling with a friend or family.
  2. Spot more wildlife. Trekking through the Belizean rainforest with many other people chattering behind you makes it less likely you will spot that infamous jaguar. An intimate walking tour with the guide will not spook wildlife – this includes bird species – as much. Something to consider if you want to get that coveted jaguar spot off your bucket list.
  3. More festivals. A good portion of festivals occur during the low season. From the Mango and Chocolate Festivals in May, Lobster Festivals in June, to the Fishing tournaments in the fall, there’s always something to go to on weekends.
  4. More Authentic Experience. Being one of the few travelers in the country allows you to mingle more with locals. Traveling in the local buses or visiting the towns, you’ll befriend many Belizeans since many of them will be taking their summer vacation and are also traveling throughout the country. With this comes trying more local eateries, which means you get to know the authentic cuisines of Belize.
  5. No crowds. Picture this: you’re in front of El Castillo at Xunantunich, your significant other is in front of you with the Canon, and they signal you to jump. As they snap the perfect pic, you are relieved you don’t have to Photoshop any tourists out of your perfect photo op. This applies to every single photo of the beach in San Pedro, a waterfall in Western Belize, and snorkeling at Silk Cayes. Having these highly visited places to yourself will make you hold a new appreciation for the attractive sites.

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