Travelling with Kids made Easy: Why Belize is Perfect for Family Travel

After making the best of lockdowns, staycations and working from home, kids are among those aching to for new adventures. Finding a destination well-suited to the natural hassles of travelling with kids and just as relaxing for parents isn’t as always easy, but Belize satisfies both. Get in ample family bonding and recharge exhausted batteries with year-round tropical vibes, endless eco-adventures, and your choice of jungle or beach relaxation.

Here’s why, Belize is the perfect destination for family travel:

  1. Small Country, big adventures.  While petite in size, being slightly smaller than the state of Massachusetts, Belize packs a bounty for kids and parents alike to enjoy. Breakfast to mother nature’s symphony of birds and howler monkeys amid a rainforest haven. Share in the fun of a traditional Garifuna meal or make a chocolate treat from scratch. Relax aboard a sunset cruise off the beaches of Placencia or Caye Caulker. Do all this within a few days or a few weeks, while making memories that will last a lifetime.
  2. Fit in with friendly locals. Belize puts the “friendly” in family friendly travel. From a radiant smile, the nod of a hat, or a warm greeting, you’ll fit right in with the easy hospitality and generosity of locals. In no time, you’ll learn must-know quirky Belizean Creole phrases to take back home, authenticating your Belize experience. A great way to learn of hidden gems, the best eateries in town, and off-the-beaten path experiences come from exchanges with locals. 
  3. Something for everyone. As one of the few unspoiled places on earth, there is an adventure for everyone, whether a kid or a kid at heart. Adrenaline junkies can rappel down waterfalls and zipline through emerald canopies. Water lovers can snorkel and dive off powdery sand bars. Animal lovers can get up close with toucans, jaguars and nurse sharks. Foodies can feast on a rainbow of flavors inspired by a melting pot of cultures. For the relaxation-enthusiast, hammocks await on beach fronts and in jungle abodes. The hardest decision you’ll have is where to start?
  4. Getting around made simple. Belize has an easily navigated road system that connects to all mainland towns that makes getting to your next destination a breeze. The highways are dotted with sleepy villages and towns separated by green expanses of savannahs making for a curiosity-piquing road trip.  Whether travelling by ground, water, or air remember to pack your sense of adventure and be ready for a “un-belizeable” journey that your kids will be talking about for years to come. 
  5. Save more as a family. While the cost of travelling with a party means paying more for pretty much everything, the good news is that Belize is a budget-friendly destination. Accommodation and transportation providers and tour operators often offer attractive group or family packages that should go unmissed. Imagine being rewarded for being on vacation with your loved ones.

Now that you’ve chosen Belize for this year’s family vacation, check out these bucket-list adventures that kids will love.