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Trending Spots in Belize to Tie the Knot

Catering to either the laid back or the thrill-seeking couple – or both if it’s an opposites attract scenario – Belize has one of the most romantic locales to declare your vows.  Providing exuberant jungles or seafront vistas to profess your love, here’s 6 Belizean venues that beat a dull ballroom any day.

  1. Sandbar Wedding. It’s only you, your soul mate and the cerulean water surrounding you on your special day. Hop to any of the many sandbars seen during low-tide on the coast of Ambergris Caye and let the Caribbean breeze be the first to greet you as newlyweds.
  2. Private Island Wedding. A sandbar sounds truly romantic, but a private island? The only audience being your intimate wedding party and the diverse populace of the island’s wildlife. You want to give your significant other the world, what better place to start than with an entire island?
  3. Underworld Cave Wedding. For the Indiana Jones aficionados, there’s nothing like having a wedding with genuine Mayas in attendance (albeit in skeletal form.) Belize is not short on caves, and you can let your “I Do” echo off actual rock walls. Imagine being able to say you got married in a Xibalba? Which translates in Maya to ‘place of fear’ or ‘gates of hell.’ Legend goes it was ruled by death gods in Mayan Mythology. Romantic, right?
  4. Tropical Rainforest Wedding. The flourished rainforests reflect the romance of not only you and your beloved, but of you and the country as well! Perfectly tailored for the ceremony, the canopied trees provide shade without muggy humidity. Not to mention the charming jungle vibes.
  5. Ancient Maya Temple Wedding. To make it even more exceptional, consider having a genuine Maya Shaman officiate the wedding as you exchange your vows before a Maya site. From renowned towering sites like Xunantunich or intimate ones like Lamanai, there is a plethora of Maya temples to choose from that will suit you.
  6. Sunset Sailboat Wedding. While waterfront weddings aren’t exactly new, how about getting married on the Caribbean Sea? The water gently lulling the boat and the golden sun setting behind the officiant is basically the recipe for a happily-ever-after.

Not only is Belize a perfect place to get married, but it’s also the go-to destination for a memorable honeymoon. Here is a checklist for all your wedding preparations in Belize. For more information on romance in Belize, feel free to email us at or call us toll-free at 1-800-624-0686.  

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