Unforgettable Things for Couples To Do in Belize

School is about to open for the Fall, so it’s time for you to take that long-overdue vacation. Be rejuvenated in Belize’s tropical oasis, and leave behind your worries as you deplane. From its mesmerizing blue sea to breathtaking views of the mountains, our jewel offers a jam-packed itinerary of adventures and relaxation. Here are a few unforgettable things you and your partner should do on your romantic getaway in Belize:

Pottery Making

Bond while getting creative! Have fun learning a new skill of ancient Maya pottery making while listening to intriguing stories about the primitive culture. Make memories and intricate Maya souvenirs when in San Antonio, Cayo. 

Visit Cahal Pech

Bring out your inner child by exploring the Maya City of Cahal Pech. Journey through the maze-like architecture or bask under the rustling trees on the ball court. Take a stroll through the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, enjoying the beautiful scenery and friendly people.

Private Dinner

Connect over an intimate dinner nestled in the enchanting mountains in Western Belize. Glance over picturesque views of fields and forests and satisfy your appetite for delectable local cuisines with a candlelight to set the mood. 

Snorkel at Southwater Caye

Disconnect to reconnect on the pearly beaches at Southwater Caye. Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear water as it shimmers from the radiant sunlight. Snorkel the bountiful Belize Barrier Reef nearby, vast with vivid corals and luminescent fishes. 

Massages on the Beach

Feel the ease on your bodies when you and your partner unwind with massages on the beach. Embrace the calming waves and swooshing trees as gentle hands loosen the tension from the everyday bustle of life. 

Whether in the lush rainforest or on pristine beaches, Belize is the perfect destination to take it easy after a hectic summer home with the kids. Listen as this paradise calls your name for a well-deserved breather. Book your stay today!

Banner photo credit: @vacationbelize

Cahal Pech photo credit: @bloom.pnw