What to Wear for 1 Week in Belize

Packing for a tropical destination is often a no-brainer; shorts and flip flops usually cut it, but in Belize where there are a variety of activities to fill up your time its wise to always be prepared! One week is an ideal amount of time to get a little taste of the Jewel, so we’ve drawn up a trendy packing guide for the gals who change their outfits at every Instagrammable spot in Belize.

  1. Shorts for days. Belize rarely moves from its 80-degree range so make sure you have at least three pairs of shorts for your week’s stay. Denim shorts are not recommended since you want to be the most relaxed while relaxing! Opt for breathable chino shorts or paperbag pants.
  2. Classic White Tee. Versatile, these can be paired with anything. Throw on a cardigan for cooler nights in the mountains or tie a knot at the hem for a cute look in the islands. These also go great with a pair of denim for hitting the town in the nights. We suggest two to three tees for your stay.
  3. Maxi Dress. You can never go wrong with a summer maxi while exploring the many beaches in Belize. The dress instantly elevates any outfit complete with cat-eye sunglasses and a straw hat. Just pick one suited to your style!
  4. Romper. And if dresses aren’t your thing, rompers are a great option to explore the Maya Sites will still looking your best for the ‘gram.
  5. Swimsuits. As if you could ever visit Belize without packing your cheetah one-piece that you’ve been dying to try out for months. We suggest you pack at least three bathing suits, a couple for the islands, and one when visiting the waterfalls in Western Belize!
  6. Hiking apparel. Breathable leggings/tights and a moisture-wicking long sleeve is ideal when venturing into the jungles of Belize. Don’t forget to bring along your trusty tennis shoes!
  7. Buttoned shirt. A nice flowy or silk blouse is a great staple piece to have for fancy dinners or an impromptu date night.
  8. Pair of denim. Last but not least is your trustworthy pair of jeans; you know the one. They’ve stuck by you for years, plus they make your legs look great! Having a pair of jeans on hand is a lifesaver when you want to reach for something you know will work for you (because we all know outfits don’t always pan out how we pictured in our heads.)  

Your suitcase isn’t limited to this list but it sure does help in knowing what kind of weather to expect in Belize. Add some flip flops and a cozy cardigan if you’re visiting in December and you’re good to go!

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