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When’s the Best Time to Visit Belize?

As Belize lands on more travelers’ radars, one of the most frequently asked questions that precede buying that flight ticket is, unsurprisingly: When’s the best time to go to Belize? Luckily, since Belize sits right on top of the equator, it (gratefully) only comprises two seasons: dry and wet. This makes it easier to choose when to take a Belize vacation. The rainy season stretches from June to November, but this does not mean it’s not advisable to visit during this time. In fact, the summer months are some of our most popular as this is when most large festivals take place, such as the Lobster Festivals. It’s also when hotels and tour operators offer major discounts, so if this is a deciding factor in your trip planning then this time might be a match for you. If you don’t mind switching a cave tubing tour for a traditional Maya cooking class when a little rain decides to drop by, then by all means visit Belize during the least touristy months.  

From December to March/April is when our high season is in full swing. During this time the weather is in that Goldilocks-perfect temperature, with December usually packing in a cold front going as low as 55°F at night. There are virtually no rains during this time, which is naturally very appealing to visitors. The country is alive with the holiday spirit, with events such as Boat Lighting Parade in San Pedro and cultural holiday dances being performed throughout the country a sin to miss. Not to mention welcoming the New Year in Belize at an island with the sunrise rising over the water a surefire sign that your year is off to a great start.

In conclusion, the best time to visit Belize all depends on what you would like to do during your vacation. Sure, saying “it’s always a good time to visit Belize” is an old cliché, but it rings true when there are no major weather changes to expect and there is plenty to do throughout the year.

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