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Why it’s OK to Visit the Same Place Twice

For the fellow globe-trotter, gleefully crossing off countries from that coveted list is what keeps their wanderlust footprints going. However, there is a certain comfort and extra thrill by visiting the same place twice, even if it means you’ll potentially be ‘missing out’ on a new place. Especially when the country is small, like Belize, most would think once would be enough. But there are many reasons – and hidden gems – that might be overlooked the first time around.

You can make the most of this small tropical country in less than a week, but why stop there? You might hit the major landmarks the first time around, but what about what is at the core of this lovely Jewel?

Reasons to visit the same place twice:

  1. Less time on ‘getting there.’  Your first time visiting Belize might entail firstly looking at directions before heading to your destination. Perhaps you might do some restaurant/bar hopping before settling into the one you like. For your second time around, you’ll already know what island/activities suit your taste! Your itinerary will have much less ‘getting there’ time and you’ll be able to savor your vacation time.
  2. Explore new regions. This one is a given, but still worth mentioning considering the most-common type of itineraries visitors craft when visiting Belize. This one goes especially for cruise ship travelers, who mostly see the beauty of Belize City but miss out on the exotic-ness of Western Belize or the culinary world of Northern Belize. A day in the city is just a taste of the wonders the country has to offer. Even if one has spent a few days in the country, most take to the islands like San Pedro or Caye Caulker immediately after landing. This almost commands a follow-up trip to explore the pine forests and mountains of the mainland.
  3. Recently added activities or remodeled attractions. A great example of this is Caye Caulker re-opening its airstrip, which means travelers can now fly directly into the island without having to catch a water taxi (although that is still an option!) This cuts travel time in more than half, allowing for more time to explore the island or get to know the locals. Seasonal attractions and events can also apply to this as well, such as the Whale Shark spotting. Though they can (rarely) be spotted all year round, many travelers come back in March/April to attempt to see the gentle giant for themselves. On that same note, with the tourism industry skyrocketing, there is more demand for capable facilities to entertain families or even conferences. In the coming years, there’s a good chance Belize will increase the number of all-inclusive resorts that are perfect for families with younger children, or conferences wishing to host in the country. An example of a new experience is the Maya Homestay program that allows you to stay with host families and learn more about their culture.

Despite thinking you might be better getting to know a new place, change is inevitable, whether in the country or in the traveler him/herself. New art pieces will debut, a new attraction (like a magnificent waterfall) might be easily accessible now, or you might even see a town differently at 52 than you did at 22 years old. Belize might look like an area easy to cover, but there is always beauty hidden within the cracks.

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