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You’ve Never Experienced Xunantunich like this

Xunantunich has become our pioneer in Maya Site exposure when it comes to Belize. Scrolling through #unBelizeable, the towering El Castillo structure pops up often, its never-ending stone steps serving as an Instagrammable background. The entire journey to Xunantunich screams adventure, from crossing the Mopan river on a hand-cranked ferry to spotting howler monkeys dangling from the trees with their young, you’d think there was no way the experience could be made even more memorable. But there is.

Horseback riding to Xunantunich is one of the up-and-coming tours that have visitors embracing the ancient Maya city in a whole new way. The ride takes place at a leisurely pace, your friendly horse taking you through a beautiful nature trail that passes through green fields, cattle ranches and eventually right alongside the gushing Mopan River, with a guide leading the way. The canopy of trees provides much-needed shade for you and your new four-legged pal, and the peaceful nature sounds make the trip itself worth it.

Once you cross the ferry and arrive at the top of the hill (the base of the site) ‘park’ your horse at a nearby make-shift stable and explore Xunantunich for however long you’d like. You can either ride your horse back or arrange for a one-way horseback riding to Xunantunich. You keep returning to Xunantunich and admire its views every chance you get, this time why not on a horse?

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