5 Creole Must-Eats

Foodie-explorations lead to a range of Caribbean flavors throughout Belize; here are 5 Creole Must-Eats that offers a true taste of Belize: 1.) Rice & Beans Dinner, 2.) Boil Up, 3.) Creole Bread, 4.) Johnny Cakes and 5.) Fry Jacks!

The cultural influences….

Spice-up your palate with a cultural fusion, on a single plate!

With a base diet of coconut milk/oil, rice, beans, chicken, fish and other game meats, such as “gibnut” (agouti paca), the Creole culture includes bits and pieces of other cultures making the taste a unique one.

Be familiar with the Creole culture…

“Kriol” was originally considered a mixture of the British settlers and African settler.  Today, the Creole culture has spanned to include a mixture of other cultures, such as: Maya and Mestizo. This diversity is evident in the cuisines found around Belize, particularly Creole cuisines.


The Creole language (Belize Kriol, an English-based creole language) is the number one dialect spoken by all cultures, from our Ancient Maya descendants to the present-day Chinese and Indian inhabitants.

5 Creole Must-Eats for a Foodie:

Lunch Dishes

1. Rice & Beans Dinner:
Traveling through Belize? This main dish is on everyone’s menu, and is the staple Sunday dinner in Belize.  Typical rice-and-beans dishes include a stewed meat (chicken, gibnut or even fried fish), a coconut rice and beans combo, and potato or coleslaw salad, with local peppers for added spices! Traditional cooking is done on an outdoor makeshift stove known as fire hearth.

2. Boil Up:
Ready for a hearty serving of boiled ground foods, flour cakes, steamed/fried fish and boiled pigtail, soaked-in a fresh and spicy tomato sauce? This boiled plate derived from the African culture of ground food with added spices native to the Caribbean.

3. Creole Bread:
An easy yeast-raised coconut milk loaf that is mostly made for dinner meals, eaten with other local favorites, such as: fried fish, stew ed chicken and stewed beans, to name a few.

4.  Johnny Cakes:
A small bite of heaven… These coconut-infused biscuits (not sweetened) are fluffy to the touch with a golden color. Most breakfast menus will highlight this local favorite alongside stewed beans, stewed chicken or other favorites.

5. Fry Jacks:
Whether sitting down or on-the-go, these fried puffs are among the popular breakfast items for both locals and visitors. With a coconut and yeast dough, are flattened and cut into triangles or squares and fried for about less than a minute until golden in color. Try this light meal, paired with stewed beans, and your choice of sides.

Traveling Belize offers a unique opportunity for flavorsome adventures. Remember to indulge in these 5 Creole must-eat foods and get a true taste of what is Belize, diversity!  For more information on planning for your dream vacation, email us at: info@travelbelize.org or call us TOLL FREE at: 1-800-624-0686.