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Your curated guide to Belize

A Garifuna Cultural Experience

Group of Garrifuna Drummers

There’s something minuscule that loosens inside you when you hear them for the first time: the vibrations of the segunda humming in your veins as you watch the dancer — a swatch of color — bask in the...

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5 things only those who have been to Belize will understand

Everyone’s Belize vacation experience is unique, whether they decided to have a solo trip, a romantic getaway or a group trip with the squad. However, there are certain requirements that absolutely...

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Whale Shark season is upon us. Are you ready?

While March for folks in the U.S. signals the welcome of the Spring Season, in Belize we have been patiently waiting for Whale Shark season. According to Belize Scuba, the whale shark season usually...

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Belize National Tourism Awards 1

Did your Belize favorite win an award in 2019?

            Every year, the Belize Tourism Boards hosts the National Tourism Awards where the best of the industry and top performers are recognized for the incredible work they do. The award show...

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Placencia Lobster Fest 2018 | 1

Placencia Lobster Fest reels in the masses

For 18 savory years, the not-so-lowly lobster has graced our palates in extravagant ways at every annual Lobster Fest held in Placencia. Spanning three days, this food festival has only grown over the...

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Mango Fest 2019

Mango Festival 2019 | Celebrate the fruit in all its forms

Diced, sliced, on a stick, or straight off the tree, there are so many ways to devour the (unofficial) fruit of Belize: Mango! You know us for throwing nutty festivals, sweet festivals, and fishy ones...

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