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A treasure trove of adventure provides an irresistible siren’s call to anyone lucky enough to sail Belize’s crystal blue waters. World-class fishing, exploring the largest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere, and basking in the sun are just a few of the sea-worthy exploits awaiting visiting seafarers. And don’t forget about the rugged adventures on land.

If you’re planning on sailing to Belize and have questions about our luxury nautical tourism, learn about our protocols to make your journey to our welcoming waters as smooth as possible.

Entry Requirements

Ships’ documents may be submitted at the Authority’s Headquarters during
normal working hours. These documents include, but are not limited to:

• Notice of arrival within 48 hours
• Departure Notice
• Certificate of Clearance
• Pilotage and Boarding Report
• Import and Export Cargo Manifests


Sailclear is an online official pre-arrival notification system available for operators of yachts and other pleasure craft. This system allows captains to submit their vessel, immigration and customs information electronically prior to arrival.

Official Ports of Entry

Below are a few of Belize’s ports where private vessels may enter:

• Port of Big Creek
• San Pedro Terminal
• Punta Gorda Port
• Belize City Port

Have a Question?

Visit the Belize Port Authority
Email us at or

Phone Numbers:
• Belize City Headquarters: (501)-222-5665/5666/5663/5662
• San Pedro Branch: (501)-222-5665/5666/5663 Ext. 259 Mobile: (501) 610-4977
• Big Creek Branch: (501)-222-5665/5666/5663 Ext. 257
• Placencia: (501)-222-5665/5666/5663 Ext. 258
• Punta Gorda Branch: (501)-222-5666/5665/5663 Ext. 256