7 Kid-friendly activities in Belize 1

7 Kid-friendly activities in Belize

Belize lies in that sweet spot of catering both to thrill-seekers and relaxation-enthusiasts. But what about families with young kids? This tropical country is one of the friendliest and has many activities for young kids. Families often venture to Belize leaving with unforgettable memories, often sparking a travel wanderlust in their kids in the process! Here are some activities that kids will love when visiting Belize.

  1. Xunantunich. First on the list, this is our Blue Hole of Maya sites. Situated in San Jose Succotz in the Cayo District, this impressive site leaves kids in awe when they come upon it. One of the few Maya sites that you can climb, the uphill – but safe – trek holds an indescribable view from above. It’s quite accessible, as you drive to the ferry in Succotz, hand-crank the vehicle on the ferry, and drive up to the site. A few minutes’ walk uphill and you will arrive at El Castillo, the looming structure that floods our Instagram tags.
  2. Snorkeling. Another favorite, kids cannot get enough of the marine life in Belize. Giant sea turtles, gliding sting-rays and colorful fish? It’s all their vivid imagination come to life! With the immense Belize Barrier Reef protecting us, it’s quite easy for kids to snorkel at our lovely cayes. Guides are very knowledgeable on all marine life and the water is so clear, you will never want to leave.
  3. Cave tubing. Perhaps you have heard of the iconic line, “Been to Hell and back” after venturing into one of Belize’s caves. To the Mayas, caves were seen as the entrance to Xibalba, or “underworld.” One of these popular caves is Nohoch Che’en caves in Western Belize. The water is a deep blue, and the water chilling as you clamber onto the tube and make your way through dark Xibalba, connected with your other tube mates. Kids enjoy this eerie adventure, shining their headlamps onto the cave walls and emerging unscathed on the other side.
  4. Kayaking. Rowing down the river is an exhilarating yet relaxing experience that should go unmissed. With three to a kayak, it’s perfect for adventuring families that appreciate some bird and iguana sightings along the way. An ideal spot is in the Macal River in San Ignacio, ending the two-hour ish route at the thriving San Ignacio Market in town. Grab some scrumptious fruits and maybe some local feed to refuel.
  5. Chocolate making. Everyone knows kids are obsessed with chocolate, but how about actually showing them the how this wonderful treat is made? There are a few chocolate making tours in Belize and each of them are equally fun (and tasty!) Learn how a cacao bean goes from being inside the fruit to your welcoming palate. The grinding process is fun, and kids love using the tools to turn the bean into liquidy goodness.
  6. Butterfly farms. Belize holds butterfly farms, creating a fun little addition to the itinerary when driving through Western Belize. Young ones will love seeing the elusive Blue Morpho, and spotting all the colorful dainty creatures. Learn all about butterflies while racking up wonderful photos to place in your family album back home.
  7. Green Iguana Conservation Project. Another wildlife activity on the itinerary, the Green Iguana Conservation Project at San Ignacio Resort Hotel is sure to wow your socks off. Hundreds of iguanas are taken care of and rehabilitated at this facility. The guides will assist you in handling these curious critters, and they even have small, young ones for your own small, young ones. It’s always great to learn about these protected animals from an early age and the kids will enjoy seeing iguanas of all different sizes.

There are many family-friendly activities to do in Belize, but these are all the must-dos when visiting. For more information on things to do in Belize, feel free to email us at info@travelbelize.org or call us toll-free at 1-800-624-0686.

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