A Day in the Capital City of Belmopan

Whether you’re heading out west or traveling down south, stop in at the capital city of Belmopan! The planned city was established in 1970 due to the devastation of Hurricane Hattie in 1961. Known as the Garden City, it’s the go-to place for food hubs, cafes, government offices, and outskirt hotspots like St. Herman’s Blue Hole, Banana Bank, and the Belize Zoo. 

Here are a few things you must explore on a day visit to the marvelous city of Belmopan!

In Belmopan City: 

Guanacaste Park. Enter the capital city of Belmopan with a warm welcome from the Guanacaste National Park. Named after one of Central America’s most giant and resistant trees, the national park is a tranquil bliss in lush vegetation and wildlife. Have a picnic with family, go birding, or hike on the river view trail. 

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Photo Credit: @brendx.mc

George Price Center. Learn about the Father of Independence and the first Prime Minister of Belize, Rt. Hon. George Price, at the museum named in his honor. View photos of Mr. Price in his prime of nation-building and letters kept in archives. Get a crash course on one of the greatest nationalists in Belize history. 

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Market Day. Visit Belmopan on a Friday to see the garden city come alive at the market square! Residents and others countrywide highly anticipate the market day. From farm-grown produce to home-cooked meals to clothing and souvenirs, go to the Belmopan Market Day to get the best for your buck! 

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The Goldson House of Democracy. Drive to Orange Street to learn about a national hero and the Father of Democracy, Hon. Phillip S.W. Goldson. Walk through six exhibitions at the Goldson House of Democracy, highlighting his legacy and contributions to Belize. 

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Photo Credit: Belize Living Heritage

Nepalese Food Show. Be entertained with a blazing food show in the market square to experience the taste of the Himalayas. The savory aroma tickles your nose as you’re excited to taste the final meal. Your craving for local Indian cuisines will be satisfied. 

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Photo Credit: Monica Gallardo Photography

Near Belmopan City:

Visit Banana Bank. Hop on your four-legged pal as you ride horseback on the river bank and in the forest of Banana Bank. After galloping in the serene environs, climb the steps of the vintage building to an amusing art gallery. View storytelling through artistry as you glance at pieces showcasing Belize’s places, cultures, and wildlife. 

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St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park. Stop in at one of Belize’s unique inland attractions, St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park! Enter the Maya underworld when tubing into the cave, or take a swim in the refreshing blue waters. It’s great for an afternoon picnic with family and friends! 

Photo Credit: @catherineallard_