Bladen Nature Reserve is Belize’s most rich and intact block of preserved forest, spanning 100,000 acres in southern Belize. Bordered by the Columbia River Forest Reserve, the Chiquibul National Park and Forest Reserve, as well as the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, these surrounding ecosystems contribute to this pristine landscape.

As the only category 1 preservation zone, Bladen is known as the old forest, and it encompasses the most vital part of the Maya Mountain, the entire corridor of this mountain massif.

Features: Bladen is significant in relation to the observation of topographical development and a truly unspoiled jungle of biodiversity. The Keyhole Cave is an aesthetic feature within Bladen along with a partially excavated ancient Maya site.

This no-take zone is managed by the Ya’axche Conservation Trust, which encourages researchers and students to visit the reserve and take part in ongoing studies.